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You're still selling in the midst of a global pandemic, nobody ever trained you for this.

If your numbers are up, stay humble. If your numbers are down, remain steadfast.

If you’re a leader and your team is still not at quota, continue to innovate.

Pay attention to what’s going on.

Maybe they’re suffering through this more than you realize.

Be there for them.

One day they will a tell stories that start with; “I had this boss...” and your actions today will dictate the next part of that sentence.

What legacy will you build?

If you’re a sales rep and you’re not happy with where you ended Q2, stay calm.

Remain altruistic in your approach.

People need to remain first, your numbers come in second.

People are dying around you.

The reality around you is bigger than the economy and what you will earn in 2020.

And that doesn’t mean people aren’t buying, reps aren’t crushing their goals, and nobody needs your product/service.

It means that you need to check-in to planet earth for a hot minute and be aware of what is happening around you.

The time is now to innovate.

To become a better listener.

To focus more on experiences instead of your cool closing lines.

To cause a sense of wonder.

To show how much you care.

To be a human-being.

#ChangeTheGame #B2B #Sales #Pandemic

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