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How to stand out in your crowded space

You’ve compiled a ton of information on your prospect, though without doing these next steps, your hard work won’t get the intended results.

The next phase is creating your messaging, testing, analyzing, refining, and then going all out.

After your messaging is created, you’ll spend time with your “internal prospect” and get their feedback on what you’ve created.

Next up is partnering with your Customer Success team to have them run the messaging by your current customers to get their thoughts/feedback.

Then, you’ll create a cadence with 70 prospects to test your newly created messaging.

After your 70-prospect testing is over, you’ll know what messaging resonated the most – lead with that.

*BONUS* share the results with your marketing team

Here’s my selfish ask. Is this kind of content helpful? If yes, why? If not, why?

Share below in the comments!

Don’t be afraid to be ‘honest’ as I’m testing out a new content strategy and truly want to know your candid thoughts.

Chris von Huene
Account Executive at Xerox
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