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Your prospect owes you nothing and your...

Your prospect owes you nothing and your sense of entitlement is why you lost your deal.

This isn’t to say that you aren’t equal to your prospect and you need to beg for their time and validation of you, rather, it’s to say that you need to earn their trust and respect.

This is relationship building 101 here folks. Truth, transparency, and open communication.

Your job is to take that first step and show your prospect these characteristics and they reciprocate. Keep doing this every time you interact and that’s how you build a strong partnership with your prospect.

Either you build or erode trust with every interaction you have with your prospect.

Don’t let your sense of entitlement derail your hard work.

You’re entitled to nothing and have to earn everything you have, don’t forget, dues are paid daily. It doesn’t matter what you did yesterday, what matters is what you’re doing today.

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