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Your Prospects Are Your Best Teachers

There are no bad prospects, only bad salespeople.

I'm pretty sure many of you won't like that, but it's true. We get reflected back what we project out. Prospects don't object unless we take them there. It's up to us to get better at this incredible profession. No one pops out of their mother's womb able to sell. It is an acquired set of skills. Every time we speak to a prospect we should leave with a lesson. We should never be satisfied with our performance.

Do you always prepare for meetings? Did you know that only 12% of first meetings result in a second meeting? Why? Do you always have a precall plan? Do you rehearse? Do you do a postcall debrief and capture the lessons so you get better for the next time you face a similar situation?

Have you ever come across an original objection? In that case, what have you done to prepare for how you will neutralise them up front in future? Or if they come up, how you will have your prospect handle their own objection? Have you practised those responses so you don't have to think on your feet or feel any pressure? How do you sell past no?

Have you ever apologised to a prospect when a meeting went badly and asked them to tell you where you went wrong? Take guts to do that. Try it

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