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Your sales pipeline is missing the most important part...

Stumbled across this amazing research done by Jeff Kahn and his team at Rise Science that found:

More sleep = More sales.

They did an 8 month controlled trial with a global sales force at a Fortune 500 company to find:

- Sellers using Rise to improve their sleep increased monthly revenue 14% over peers not using Rise.

- Sellers who improved their sleep debt (those deficient in sleep) to 7 hours increased outbound activity by 50%.

This is promising data to help further the discussion that sales organizations are measuring their pipeline wrong.

Calls made, emails sent, meetings booked, etc... are NOT input metrics.

They are output metrics.

The REAL input metrics revolve around sales rep well-being and Mental Health.

Metrics like - Are they getting enough sleep? Eating right? Are they feeling anxious, depressed or burnt out? Level of self-esteem? etc.


When they encounter a stressful experience within sales like a deal falling through or missing target - do they have the right mindset, perspective and habits to respond to these triggers in a mentally healthy way?

This research shows what happens when we improve just ONE metric.

Just think what would happen to sales performance if we made an effort to improve Mental Health as a whole.

preach!! making my bed every morning and getting good sleep has been a game changer for my productivity. go figure. 
When I'm not sleeping or sleeping poorly I know something is wrong. It is one of my key indicators to identify if I'm going into a manic state.
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