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Zinner #4: Burgers & Brews - Tomorrow night!

Watercooler Fam!

I host a biweekly Zinner (Zoom + Dinner) series with my dear friend Morgan Ingram. He brings the Vibes and Views. I bring the wine and the Pax. Everybody wins.

There's fun conversations. Hilarious stories of the weirdness that is living in Quarantine. Laughter, smiles, sales talk, business talk, nerd talk, and oh yeah... we definitely roast the crap out of Chris von Huene. :)

The next episode is tomorrow night. That's Wednesday, May 6th for those of you who are enjoying Cinco de Drinko a little too aggressively.

It starts at 5:30pm PST.


Yes, I know that's late for you East Coasters.

And yes... I know that's early for you West Coasters (except in San Francisco, where we eat at geriatric hours).

Here's the secret: you don't have to eat dinner with us, you can just show up with a cocktail/mocktail/dihydrogen monoxide and chill. That's totally halal (well, not totally halal...but you get my point).

So I have just one question for you all, my friends...

Will you have Zinner with me?
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Sahil Mansuri
CEO at Bravado
Tim Murray
Sales Director at ADARA
Chris von Huene
Account Executive at Xerox
What is this, the pre-roast of CVH before the full CVH roast Sahil Mansuri lol
Richard Harris™
Only if Morgan Ingram  does some of his way cool song and dance I saw on LinkedIn yesterday
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