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Why do Salespeople lose deals?

Hi, I am trying to do a survey for finding the reasons of why salespeople lose deals, will appreciate if you can take 5 mins of your time to fill this, in return, I am happy to share the summary report of the survey results.


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What companies are currently looking for Remote Sales Development Reps or Sales Executives?

I am currently in the process of moving back to Michigan next week and I am looking to explore new opportunities within the SAAS, Info tech world. Not sure where to being looking

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More time needs to be spent on teaching time management.


On Avg - There’s an interruption every 11 minutes, and it takes us 25 minutes to get back to our previous level of focus.

Which means we’re virtually never at our optimal focus level.

The average person gets 3 hours of productive work done per day.

Holy Sh*t.

This is what drains us!

So here are some simple “hacks” to improve focus.

(1) Wear headphones – it sen...

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Is sales a 'numbers game'?

Kind of.

It's a SKILLS and NUMBERS game.

Follow me here.

There are a set of skill based metrics (yes numbers) that have the biggest impact on your success as a rep or team.

They are as follows - Each of these I feel are skill based - You can get better at each of these.

-- DM Connect Rate

-- DM Conversion Rate

-- Meetings Booked

-- Show Rate

-- Sales Cycle

-- Average ...

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Recruiting for an Enterprise AE role.

$120,000 Base Salary + $120,000 uncapped commission for a $240k OTE.

We will not train you and you should not need training. Must have verifiable experience closing majors logos.

Comment + tag me if you want to be considered.

Let's get someone a job!

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For deals > $100K, how do you manage, map all the moving parts?

Hey, looking for insights from practitioners, if you use a tool that track all the moving parts of a large deal?

CRM aside, I was thinking of something that's a shared as a go between The prospect, sales and engineers.

The advantages I hope to realize:

  • Get deeper into the use-cases
  • Move away from feature requests
  • Uncover stakeholders
  • Clearly demonstrate how ...
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Networking Question

What's the best approach to get into sales?

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Hi From Singapore-Excited to be on Bravado

Hello Everyone, I am a Sales leader, SaaS start-up Founder, Startup Advisor & Angel Investor.

I have been part of an amazing scale up journey at a previous startup( Asia Focused-Zero to 50 Mn ARR in 8 years) in building and leading a multi Geo/Multi Products, Multi-Million $ SaaS business and now going though that journey all over again at Nektar.ai

Happy to...

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What are some of your Sales Fails?!

Sales Fails.

We all have them.

Here are some of my top fails.

-- Almost got arrested while trying to get into a school to get a principal to sign a contract.

-- Added an extra zero to a $1.2M order, turning it into a $12M order, almost lost the whole thing and didn't know why.

-- Similarly forgot a comma in a larger order, and was shocked when they signed so fast...

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