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Sales Stories
Sales is notoriously a "feelings" industry.

People do what they "feel" is right, or what they believe in, almost regardless of data.

They'll say their script is better, without the data.

They'll say 'I have this great email' without the data.

They'll say 'here's how I handle that objection' without the data.

They'll say 'oh that doesn't work for me' without the data.

I'm all for feelings and instinct, but ...

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Cold Outreach
What's the best cold email you've received?

Interested to know what impressed you the most about it.

Sales Stories
"You don't have much to worry about, you're in sales."

LOL. Okay.

People's perception that somehow sales is easy peasy, really butters my roll.

I've been emotionally tormented, verbally beaten, physically pushed to my late night limits, all for the glory of sales.

Here's a Copier Warrior story:

When I first cold called what would be one of the biggest wins in my career, they had just re-signed with Ricoh for 5 years...

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Sales Mindset Sales Stories
The status quo is the enemy of every sale.

Why? Because most deals are lost, not to competitors, but to the powers that be deciding to make no change at all.

This is what challenges sales professionals most.

It’s not connecting your product with your prospect, or clearly stating all your “value” propositions.

It’s knowing the layers of the organization so well, that you can craft a business solution whi...

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B2B Sales Closing Sales Strategy
For deals > $100K, how do you manage, map all the moving parts?

Hey, looking for insights from practitioners, if you use a tool that track all the moving parts of a large deal?

CRM aside, I was thinking of something that's a shared as a go between The prospect, sales and engineers.

The advantages I hope to realize:

  • Get deeper into the use-cases
  • Move away from feature requests
  • Uncover stakeholders
  • Clearly demonstrate how ...
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B2B Sales Closing Networking
Get Started with Bravado Warm Intros

Warm Intros is officially here! Sahil takes you through the steps to completing a Warm Intro on Bravado in our latest video. Link up your clients with the best solutions to their business challenges, and create additional income in your network!

Sales Management Sales Stories
I don’t know what it’s like to fire a salesperson.

Because, every time I was told “at the end of the month, let them go” I didn’t.

Instead, I took them out to lunch and had a heart to heart.

Then helped them recognize why they will be let go at the end of the month per the company’s standards and their commitment.

Call me crazy, but dragging someone along and pretending that some how they were gonna be okay...


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B2B Sales Diversity & Inclusion Sales / Business Development

84% of us have witnessed or experienced discrimination or harassment. WE CAN AND MUST DO BETTER.

Over 500 sales professionals took the survey not only to tell us who THEY are but what their DEI experience has been like.

CHANGE HAPPENS THROUGH TOUGH CONVERSATIONS - we hope this survey starts a lot of those so we as a profession can better enable ALL sales profe...

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B2B Sales Sales / Business Development Sales Training
How to take your customer reviews and flip them into your outbound sales copy?

Well, I made a video on it below, that may be a good place to start, just saying :)

Let me know what you think of this strategy in the comments!

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: https://bit.ly/3bnvquw

Mental Wellness Sales Mindset
Start Talking About Mental Health in Sales

40 thoughts, tips and ideas to start talking about mental health in sales.