How can I use my
Bravado Portfolio?

With Customers
Use word-of-mouth recommendations from clients to build trust with buyers, faster.
With Managers
Include your portfolio link in reviews, because nothing speaks to your performance more than client feedback.
With Recruiters
Prove you’re the right candidate for the job by showing the clients you’ve worked with and the relationships you’ve built.
Supercharge your client presentations with testimonials from happy customers.
A client testimonial slide that includes your Bravado portfolio builds trust with prospects, faster.
Bravado is a way to make the client feel at ease to continue working with you”
Ali Mrzljak
The Door To Your Network
Bravado is a community of amazing sales professionals who can connect with you directly from your portfolio.
Enable Connections to make warm introductions, share best practices, and grow your network.
Your Career’s Secret Weapon
Whether you’re trying to get a promotion or land your dream job, nothing speaks to your potential more than client feedback.
Include your portfolio link in performance reviews and job applications, and watch your career take off!
Bravado lets my clients speak on my behalf
Ali Mrzljak
Sr. Account Executive at
Aurea Software
Private Account
When your account is private, only people you approve can see your clients and testimonials on Bravado.
Your client wall and testimonials are the #1 way to showcase your expertise, but we realize this may be sensitive information.
Using our privacy controls, you can share your portfolio publicly, or only with relevant prospects and colleagues.
I realized the way to sell is solely based on building rapport and maintaining relationships
Kevin Walkup
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