Getting started

Learn more about our product and how to utilize it.
Get the most out of Bravado by leveraging all of our features to maximum potential.
  1. Get started with Bravado
    Learn more about your unique profile features
    1. Let your profile visitors get to know a little bit more about yourself. Under your name and position, there is a customizable space (“Add your intro here…”) for you to write up a brief description about what you do, where you’re from, or what you love. Centered at the bottom of your profile banner, there is a location (“Expertise Add your market expertise here”) for you to let profile visitors know what you do best.
    2. Demonstrate your credibility through your Bravado Reputation Score™. Increase your Bravado Score™ by adding clients to your Client Wall or receiving testimonials.
      Bravado Score
      55 Testimonials -
      32 Clients -
    3. Create an advanced profile by completing the checklist, such as creating a Bravado email signature or integrating one of our chat features.
    4. Your client list will live as logos on your Client Wall. Show off your body of work by adding your clients and arranging them in any order.

      Go to "Add" to add any number of your clients, and "Manage" to manage the order in which they appear.

      Once you have a testimonial from a client, you can attach their image to a logo, letting your profile visitors know that you have a testimonial from someone at that company. You can have more than one person per logo.

    5. The testimonials you receive will live in this middle section. While profile visitors will only see a list of your testimonials, you will see this view so you can easily manage completed, requested, pending, verifying and archived testimonials.

      Every Bravado member's testimonials are verified by us, so if you receive one you won't see it appear immediately on your testimonial wall. Rather, it will appear in "Verifying."

    6. When your customer completes writing your testimonial, Bravado will ask in the same page if they’d like to refer you to someone else in their network. This is completely optional.
  2. Email signature
    A powerful way to show off your expertise
    1. To create and customize your email signature, click “Signature” in the nav bar. Next, click on the white card with a “+” symbol to create a new signature.

      Choose which elements you’d like to include in your signature, including logo blocks of clients you’ve sold to and your favorite testimonial from a happy customer.

      You can manually add this signature to your email account by pressing “Copy Signature” or you can press “Add to Gmail” to have it automatically populate in your signature.

      Once you’ve created a signature, you can always go back to edit it or remove it from your list of signatures.

      Here is an example of how the email signatures can look:

  3. Miscellaneous
    Other Bravado features
    1. Click “Analytics” in the nav bar. Here, you’ll find a page of profile analytics, including users that visited your page, where they’re from, the amount of time they spent on your profile, and where they came to your profile from (email, directly searched, and so on).
    2. On this same page, you can also click the “One Click Install” button to install the Bravado tracking extension to your Google Chrome browser. Using this functionality will let you track where your profile visitors are coming from and how long they stay on your profile.