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About me
GTM @ Metadata.io
Hasler Solutions
Corrao Group
Altus Alliance
Amplio Digital
SaaSy Sales Management
The Harris Consulting Group
measured results marketing
Affinity, Inc.
PMG Digital Business Platform
OnePoint, Inc.
Amir Reiter
CEO at CloudTask
His professionalism and persistance
Tom Jenkins
VP of Marketing at CloudTask
A great guy. Very easy to work with, very responsive and works with complete integrity. He offered value every step of the way.
Brendan Polk
Director of Marketing at Inflow Communications
Danny was great to work with during the sales process and onboarding for our G2 implementation. Super nice guy, easy to talk to, and knows his product in and out.
Sara Baayoun
Corporate Strategist at Hasler Solutions
Danny was the utmost professional during the sales process. Through transparency, honesty and deep knowledge of G2, he was able to educate us on how it aligns with our needs. With that, we were able to make a rather quick and informed decision on moving forward.
Ryan Walker
Director of Sales at Victory Lap
Danny embodies a lot of the qualities I look for in a great salesperson. He took time to understand our business and was upfront about where G2 could help, and transparent about where they might fall short. His persistence, genuineness, and ability to operate with transparency made the process of buying from Danny an absolute no-brainer.
Jack Corrao
VP of Marketing at Corrao Group
Danny went above and beyond your typical sales rep. With quick responses, he provided me with answers to not only my questions, but my entire team's as well. He was very patient as we wanted to have everything in place before upgrading, and he was able to support us along the entire way. Business-aside, he's friendly and wants the best for you.
Jessica Wesley
Senior Marketing Director at Maven Wave Partners
Danny was very helpful and diligent in helping to meet our needs and answer all our questions. The sales process was simple and easy to navigate, thanks to his guidance.
Richard Harris
Founder at The Harris Consulting Group
Loved working with Danny because he is a straight shooter, like me. He spoke to solving my pains, not just telling me what his company does. As I tend to test sales reps he was pure grace under fire. I threw everything at him and he rose to the occasion, timeline, pricing, etc. Best part was he kept his pace and tone calm, civil, respectful.
Greg Montique
Director of Marketing at Alta Vista Technology at Alta Vista Technology
Danny has been great from start to finish. He was able to quickly identify our needs and present us with services that would benefit our company the most and analytics to prove the concept. 10/10 would do business with him again.
Raaj Shinde
Co-founder at SevenPoints
He approached me with a marketing solution from a company that he worked for.. He's very straightforward and is able to position value quickly and effectively. He's also very personable and a pleasure to work with, in addition to being responsive. It was a pleasure to do business with Danny!
Owner - import at Smart Cam USA - INC.
Danny did his research before every call, came prepared and knew exactly when to push and let go. He was serious but funny at the same time. Showed us the numbers that made sense. I can say that he did the work who made us eventually sign the contract.
John Deming
Business Development at EVENTSQUID
Danny, Explained our options as to how we could get the most out of our partnership with G2Crowd and was diligent and responsive.
Matt Cameron
Sales management program leader at SaaSy Sales Management training
Danny approached me at a time when we were not considering any additional marketing spend - Not to be deterred, he artfully unpacked the strategy for SaaSy Sales Management so that he could expose the opportunity for us to partner. Without Danny's persistence, professionalism and patience, we would likely both have missed a value creation opp.
Garrett Genest
Marketing Manager at Kudos
Danny has been an immense help and resource to me over the last year that I've known him. For over a year, Danny was diligent about keeping in touch with me, often offering support if I needed it for board meetings and executive meetings to gain support for the idea of using Buyer Intent data as a building block of our marketing strategy. In spite
Gil Allouche
CEO at Metadata
Danny was polite, direct, helpful and very responsive from beginning to end. He thought creatively about my specific business needs & gave me relevant content to digest throughout the sales process. This helped build trust because each exchange gave me valuable insights that aligned with my objectives as a CMO/CEO.
Robert C.
Director at Lifecycle Marketing & Operations
Danny got us to a successful outcome quickly, with a quick handover to to G2's success team. Great experience.
Ed Cheely
President at AppBuddy
I met Danny in April of 2018 and we went through a 3-4 month sales process & eventually signed on as a customer. I am recommending Danny for the following reasons: 1). He always came well-prepared to meetings, he presented information that was highly relevant & useful, and he made a point to make sure we always had everything we needed. 2). Danny consistently made us personalized videos to keep us informed as the deal went through multiple stakeholders. Whenever we received an email, it was never "Hey just checking in"...it was always valuable information that helped our team. 3). He genuinely cared about the problems we were facing. There were a few setbacks that happened during the sales process but he handled them appropriately & helped us get the best solution to our problems. Danny is a trusted advisor to myself & my bu... Show More
Christopher Antonopoulos
Founder at Measured Results Marketing
Danny did a great job of understanding my specific needs and tailoring solution.
Anne Gherini
Vice President at Affinity, Inc.
I was introduced to Danny before I was ready to buy G2 Crowd. I was really impressed with how instead of pushing me aside he kept providing me value outside of the sale. From socially engaging in my posts, to sending me relevant articles, not just about his company but about topics I cared about.
Colin Bovet
Head Of Marketing at Enplug
Danny was a helpful salesperson who didn't get in the way of the deal process and helped us negotiate a win-win deal. He also sent me a thoughtful gift when I signed our company on - which was a nice gesture.