Aja Servais

Implementation Specialist at Uberflip
Toronto, ON, Canada
about me
About me
Client Onboarding Specialist at Uberflip | Content Experience SaaS
Bonfire Interactive
Cadence Design Systems
TAB Bank
Franklin Covey Co
EMA Design Automation
Automation Anywhere
Western Computer
OrCAD, Inc
PatientSafe Solutions
TAB Bank
Fay Cadman
Digital Marketing Executive at SuccessFlow Digital Ltd
Aja is always a pleasure to work with and I have worked with her on various implementation projects for ourselves and our clients. She is very responsive and understanding of any issues that we faced, coming back with detailed solutions and how to avoid these going forward. Her attitude is always very postive and friendly.
Kate Hutchinson
Director of Product Marketing at Alpha (alphahq.com)
Aja was a huge help during our implementation process, which included "plot twists" like a compressed timeline a mid-stream change of project ownership. She was always available with an answer or proposed solution to our concerns. Aja demonstrated a perfect balance of pleasant and professional at every touch point.
Stuart McLachlan
Demand Generation Manager at CrowdRiff
Aja was responsive and helpful throughout our onboarding process and was diligent in keeping on top of our to-do list to ensure that we were able to launch Uberflip within a tight timeline.
Shane Adair
Marketing Manager at TAB Bank
I loved working with Aja because she is not just a member of the A-Team, but she made me feel like our account was her only account. She made sure all of our concerns were addressed and fixed as well as had the patience to handle our slow learning curve! All said and done, Aja, was a godsend and a fantastic representative for Uberflip!
Conor White
Marketing Manager at Q4 Inc.
Aja was very reliable throughout the process, constantly available to discuss issues as they arose and just generally guiding us through the process and minimizing any headaches encountered.
Allyce Maclaren
Marketing Specialist at Q4 Inc.
Aja has been a huge help in our onboarding process. She is quick to respond to questions and to provide solutions and thoughtful recommendations, and checks in regularly to inform us of updates. Really appreciate her hard work!
Lynda Buwalda
Social Media, PR, and Project Manager at Strategic Coach
I very much appreciated Aja's commitment to getting the project done, helping us work through any issues or roadblocks, and her willingness to step in and move things forward. Our weekly checkins were super helpful and Aja kept us on track. So grateful to have her skills and knowledge with our on-boarding experience!
Lindsay Kroes
Content Marketing Specialist at Bonfire Interactive
Aja was thorough and patient throughout the on-boarding process. She's a clear communicator and an effective listener.
Thai Luong
Product Marketing Manager at Cadence Design Systems
Aja was awesome to work with and very patient in guiding me to get up to speed on how to use UF. She would always follow through and was very responsive.
Brad Beutler
Director of Marketing at Sigstr
Aja was great to work with a one of the main reasons why we implemented Uberflip so quickly here at Sigstr. She was very responsive and willing to help during every touchpoint of the implementation. She also put in the extra work to keep us on track with our go-live date. Thank you, Aja! You were a joy to work with :)
Louis Tufillaro IV
Senior Digital Marketer at Conduent
She went the distance with me on our hub build. Late nights, lots of work. The best part was the gift card for coffee, made me feel like we're in this together.