Allison Wallsh-Levy

Occupancy Planner at CBRE for UBER
San Francisco, CA, United States
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About me
Account Management Lead at RUTI INC.
United Nude
Daniella Lehavi
Volvo Cars Group
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
Kaiser Permanente
Hendrick Automotive Group
C8 MediSensors
John Hardy
TOMS Shoes
Alex and Ani
Estee Lauder Companies
Tory Burch
Movado Group
Roberto Coin Inc
David Yurman
Tora Hanssen
Allison became my "personal shopper" for several years at Ruti, a women's apparel store. I was thoroughly impressed with her way of relating to me as a customer and finding me pieces that really work for me, both for professional clothes and for leisure. I am a physician in private practice, a psychiatrist/psychoanalyst. When my sister, a pediatrician from Sweden, was visiting, Allison helped her find a professional suit for her international conference in Philadelphia, and my sister pretty much never buys clothes, she wears a white coat for work. In short, I find that Allison has excellent customer relations skills, is respectful but also very good at figuring out what you'd like as a customer. I recommend her highly.
Joan Smith
Allison is one-of-a-kind! She is a terrific person with a big heart. From a shopper who knows, Allison can sell anything because I feel she is honest with the customer, friendly, and kind. I miss her at Ruti‘s in Berkeley!
Jessica Richman
Director at Australian Trade Comission
Allison took a consultative approach to understand what type of apparel I was looking for. Once she understood my aesthetic, she was able to select pieces that worked for me. When she got new products in stock that fit my style, she would let me know. She is great at clienteling and customer service!
Paulette Trainor
Interior Designer at ASID Platinum
I enjoyed working with Allison because she really got my style and emailed me items she thought I would like. She was gentle in her approach to selling. I felt that what she recommended to me was something she truly thought would look great on me and that I would love. She never tried to oversell things and completely understood when I declined.
Allison is warm, outgoing, cheerful and fantastic at her job. She was not only great at styling in person, but she also enabled me to take photos and style from a distance when I moved away. She never made me feel embarrassed about trying to figure out the best ways to maximize discounts and appropriately checked in without being too pushy.
Tully Murphy
Senior Vice President at Jefferies LLC
Allison is the most diligent and hardworking salesperson I have ever worked with in retail. She’s very thoughtful, checked in with me often and took excellent care of me as her customer!
Claudia Latchman
I really enjoyed working with Alison. She got to know my style and contacted me when new items that suited me arrived in the store. While in the store, she gave honest feedback and was great at giving suggestions on other things to try on or other ways to style the item I was considering. I truly miss her expertise and advice.
Kathleen Ryan
Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley
Whenever I visited Ruti, Allison always had items she particularly thought would suit me, based on my prior purchases. She always got sizes from other stores when needed. She could tell me ahead of time which items were cut for big/small bust, or ran small or large overall, making sizing easier. She is infectiously nice and happy.
Gloria Frank
One thing that impressed me about Allison is that she has a way of making you feel special and comfortable even though she may have just met you. At Ruti's, a women's boutique, she was very attentive and responsive to my needs without being overbearing. She made shopping fun!
Tenny Frost
Executive Director at Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
Allison understood my work style and provided great recommendations. She was very helpful and friendly.
Carol Davidow
I enjoy working with Allison because she would always pick the right clothes for me and sometimes try them on and also takes pictures to send to me.
Pamela Miller-Lewis
Director at Pacific Gas & Electric
Allison has been a complete delight since I first met her. She was referred to me from a close friend. After a brief conversation she understood my style and knew my size. I visited the store several more times and always dealt with Allison. She was always very personable and professional.
Reiko Merritt-Crenshaw
Foreworker at BART
She goes above and beyond to satisfy her customers. Having customers return business is very important to Allison, there is no problem she can’t figure out a way to solve. She is truly an asset!
Amy Leventhal
Strategic Storyteller at IDEO
Allison is a great listener and was always focused on finding me exactly what I was looking for—and came up with solutions I hadn't even thought of. I always felt like she was my very own personal shopper—a luxury I'm not used to having.
Anne Robie
SVP People and Places at Turnitin
Alison does a great job of getting to know her clients deeply and being creative with her recommendations.
Donna Gebers
General Manager at Hendrick Automotive Group
Allison does a fantastic job. She will literally get down on her hands and knees to tie your shoes or roll up your pants just to see how the outfit can look. She has a fantastic sense of style and is extremely patient. She will throw an outfit together (stuff that I wouldn’t have picked out) and it looks amazing .
Lisa Feldman
Senior Consultant and Project Lead at Future State Inc.
Allison is a phenomenally present, creative, responsive person who seems to understand and anticipate needs I don't even know I have. Her knowledge, intelligence, and charisma make everyone want to work with her. I didn't know her impressive background until more recently, but it's quickly obvious why she has won so many awards.
Nili Tannenbaum
Director of Sponsored Research Administration at Internet2
Allison is very resourceful, insightful, and helpful. She is the sole reason I shopped at the store where she worked; she always thought of me and brought things to my attention I would not have considered. She is a talented and thoughtful person who is a pleasure to deal with and any place she works is the better for her presence.
Barbara Geibel
Allison is an amazing sales person who would be am excellent asset to any business. She is smart, professional, courteous & fun to be around. She “gets it” without a lot of probing or hand holding. Plus she truly wants the customer to be happy with their purchase & goes that extra mile to close the deal. Once I bought a diamond ring from her because she was able to get a button sewed on a nightgown I wanted to buy in another department of the same store , & bring me a latte along with the garment compete with all its buttons in a manner of minutes! I can say that I even purchased a few things from her that I had not thought I wanted or needed but later I did not regret doing so, she is that good! Maybe she should run for public office!!!
Laura Huddle
Head of New Business at Eventbrite
Allison is so thoughtful and approachable. She knows my preferences and will also encourage me to try new things that work with my body type. She really listens. I come back to Allison time and time again because she's taken the time to build rapport, I have a great experience, and I leave with a a new piece I love still months later. Thank you!
Lisa Rafael
Art Director & Graphic Designer at Lisa Rafael Design
I have had the pleasure of knowing Allison while she worked at Ruti. Whenever I came in the store she was always friendly and would go out of her way to help me find fun pieces. She has a great eye and knows all of her customers. She understands what works well for each person and she really makes your experience personal and warm. She is great!
Sally Spivak
Photography Professional at Home
As i lived a crazy bi-coastal life I always made sure to go to RUTI when in Berkeley because of Allison., and the shop of course. what a great, honest, friendly person to shop with. every store should have an Allison!!
Mena Zaminsky
Owner at Mena Zaminsky, Family Therapist
Allison was always honest with me about how something looked on me. She also always thought of me for new pieces of clothing and she would set things aside for me and contact me to let me know items had come in that she thought I might like! I felt cared about when I worked with Allison!
Petra Pless
Principal at Pless Environmental
Allison changed the way I dress with her on-point suggestions, friendliness, and enthusiasm. She was always honest and not once did I feel that she was trying hard to sell me something. Instead, I was looking forward to seeing her and receiving her advice on how to feel more comfortable in my clothes. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors
Mara Gordon
Program Manager at Beyond
I met Allison as a customer at Ruti—or rather, I became a customer at Ruti thanks to Allison. Her warmth and candor make me (and my family) feel at home whenever I come to the store, and her personalized recommendations keep me coming back for more. No visit would be complete without her.
Katherine Buck
Head of Growth at Bravado
Allison is a total solution seller and purveyor of delight. She truly gets to know her clients and gives personalized suggestions that make each person she meets feel special, and like they've known her for years.
Lois Swinski
Clinical and Regulatory Affairs at C8 MediSensors
Allison is wonderful - she helped me find so many pieces of clothing & accessories that I never would have considered could work for me! She gave me suggestion of different ways to wear my purchases. She is friendly, honest, willing to give you her opinion & listen to yours, and is patient. She has a personality that lends itself to success!
Nancy Fish
Marketing and Publicity Director at Parallax Press
When I had any fashion challenge, Allison was my first go to consultant. She helped me find pieces I wouldn't have tried without her guidance and I always left my consultations with her with the outfit I needed, looking great and feeling confident, not so easy for a chubby fashionista.