Ashley Zagst

Head of Marketing
Portland, OR, United States
about me
About me
Telling brand stories. Content and product marketing for startups and small businesses.
Technology and Sales
Technology and Sales
The Dyrt
Digital Trends
Major Model Mgmt NYC
New York Health and Racquet Club
James Cliburn
There's go-getters, and then there's Ashley. I honestly believe that the best marketing moments our company has had in some time came about primarily thanks to her being part of the team. At every opportunity, Ashley is able to develop a marketing plan that best highlights a company, along with having the drive to see it through to execution.
Matthew Clarke
Director of Business Development at 360 Labs
Ashley is a great marketer and strategic thinker. She walked me through Bravado and highlighted the value in a compelling and insightful way. I look forward to working with Ashley again in the future.
Cris Valderas
Regional Sales Director at RailComm
Ashley really came through on my request to walk me through the customer experience with Bravado. Fast, efficient, and honest. Thanks Ashley!
Billy McGee
senior sales consultant at The Dyrt
Ashley impressed me with a direct invitation on LinkedIn to learn more about Bravado and how it might be relevant to my sales consulting business. Super impressed by her ability to listen to my concerns and help guide me through the setup. I'll be referring my network to Ashley and Bravado!
Nathan Jones
Director of Sales at Diversified.
Ashley did a great job cutting through the fray of cold contacts. I appreciate her willingness to jump in and solve problems. I’m eagerly awaiting the results of her great work. #AshleyinSales
Eric Chow
Product Designer at Leap Design
Ashley is the She is one of my favorite humans.