Cole Fox

Growth Factors at Bregal Sagemount
New York, NY, United States
about me
About me
Innovating the art of the hustle @ LeadIQ
Alteryx, Inc.
Shri Rajan
Sr. Director Sales at ZedVentures
In my 22 years experience working in different service industries & in different geographies, one consistent factor behind great service has always been an exceptional individual with great work ethics, enthusiasm and empathy. Cole Fox epitomizes this and has been very instrumental, in me being able to leverage my Linked In Investment. Add to that his pleasant demeanor, he is a thorough professional.
Fatima Jinnah
Career Counselor at Foothill College
Cole was both knowledgeable and engaging. He held my interest, taught me something new, and held my classes interest and taught them something new. After Cole presented, more students created profiles because they understood how it could benefit them. This illustrates Cole's ability to explain the relevance of networking and researching to students just starting their academic career.
Lyle McKeany
Business Development Manager at Altrooz
My team won the first Protohack event. It was extremely well run by Cole and his team. My team and I were very impressed and had an amazing time. I was attending Tradecraft at the time and it was a great way for a bunch of us to have some fun and prototype some ideas that had been kicking around in our heads. I would definitely recommend attending a Protohack event and hope to join Cole at another one soon!
Vivian Peng
Visual Artist at Médecins Sans Frontières
Cole produced a 1 hour design-thinking and prototyping workshop for healthcare industry leaders at our inaugural HITLAB Innovators Summit. Cole is a wonderful speaker and instructor. He actively researched and collaborated with us to cater the workshop to healthcare leaders.
Josh Furnas
Director of Product at Credit Sesame
Cole does a magnificent job bringing in top notch mentors & speakers to guide non-developers along a path of concept exploration - validation - prototype. The constraints put on the day force you to uncover and present on the key value proposition in such a short window. You'll go back to work wondering how your team ever spent 2 - 3 weeks on hypothesis/prototype.