Eric Martin

Senior Account Executive at Vanta
San Francisco, CA, United States
about me
About me
I am a Sr. Account Executive at Vanta. I'm responsible for closing deals, building out our team, and helping scale all things revenue
Bonfire Interactive
Terminus Software
Label Insight, Inc
Data Dwell
Periscope Data
Lithium Technologies
Scout RFP
HALO Branded Solutions
Inkling Systems
JW Player
Sumo Logic
Emily Barsky
Director of Sales Operation at Inturn
Eric was very thorough in setting expectations right from the first call. He was always responsive and made sure to book our next meeting at the end of the last call. He went above and beyond by having Ben, his VP, stop by our office when the deal had stalled out. Liking Eric is what ultimately pushed this deal across the finish line.
Egan Montgomery
Director of Marketing at DemandJump
Eric was direct & honest & answered all our questions quickly & jargon-free. Each call, it felt like we were having a conversation, as opposed to being sold to. He really listened to us during discovery & made sure to address only what he knew we cared about. It made the process really easy for both sides.
Greg Hewitt
Director of Demand Generation at Emplify
Eric seamlessly moved us through the sales process, answering questions and providing information we needed quickly and efficiently every step of the way. His friendly, straightforward approach and diligent follow-up helped us get the solution we needed, when we needed it.
Courtenay Worcester
Director US Marketing at GetResponse
When I first started working with Eric, I had a relatively clear vision of what I was looking to accomplish. Eric was extremely attentive, responsive and helped me close all remaining gaps in my plan! I have full confidence in working with DataFox because of working with Eric. I cant wait to get started with our account.
Amy Young
Senior Program Manager at FinancialForce
From our first conversation Eric has always been attentive to detail, honest, and very responsive. He's answered all of my questions and exceeded expectations.
Tish Flowers-Stringer
Head of Sales Operations at EasyPost
Eric completely understood Easypost's use case and diligently answered ALL of our questions and concerns. He made the internal C-level sell easier and did not hesitate to step in when needed.
Ashley Winograd
Operations Manager at Segment
He fought hard to design a deal and pricing structure around our specific use case, which is quite unique from how most companies come into the datafox family. I appreciate his consultative and flexible nature - I look forward to working with him/Caitlin to exceed our goals in order to enable expansion in the future!
Greg Frame
Vice President, B2B Demand Generation at Contentful
He immediately understood our primary pain point / opportunity and started to discuss ways we could address it.
Brian Skipper
Manager Sales Operations at LeanData, Inc.
Eric helped explain the how in a mutual selling space we can use the tool the same way DataFox does in house. He is a rockstar!
Zack Blois
Marketing Automation Manager at Jellyvision
He took our last second curveballs/unique product needs and worked with his team to build a solution that really worked for us. That flexibility and creativity is much appreciated.
Brad Smith
Director of Revenue Operations at Terminus
Working with Eric and the DataFox team was a great experience. His main goal was to understand my needs, and THEN find ways that DataFox can help meet them. It sounds like a very simple approach, but his understanding and empathy towards what is most important to me helped really show the value that DataFox can provide. Thanks Eric!
Kirk Jorgensen
VP of Demand Generations and Operations at Swrve
Willing to work with us to get what we needed from the platform. Tried to map our needs to use cases in the product.
Ross Wallace
Sales Operations at Label Insight, Inc.
Eric was professionally persistent and patient without the evaluation process. He brought a personal approach to the relationship while continually focused on solving for our use case and pain points. Look forward to working with Eric again.
Vishal Sunak
Co-Founder & CEO at LinkSquares
He understood our need to implement a tool that could provide us with great data to build an Account Based Marketing strategy on top of. He understood the drivers for cost as well as core technical requirements. He was great to work with, as I was evaluating a competitor and was unafraid to build a relationship even in a competitive deal.
Brad Hess
Marketing Growth Lead at Industrious
Eric is persistent, but in a very friendly and non-intimidating way. I enjoyed working with him throughout the sales process, because he felt like a friend and provided tons of resources every step of the way. I've literally told colleagues, "That guy is good." And I'm not one to heap praise.
Adam Carosso
Sales Development Manager at HackerOne
Eric is a force to be reckoned with. He was incredibly resourceful throughout the sales process and worked tirelessly to meet our needs at a fair price my team could get behind. He helped us build a cross functional business case that demonstrated value for our sales, marketing and executive teams. We love the platform. Keep up the great work!
Carly Sandstrom
Sales Operations at TrackMaven
Eric and his team stood out among a variety of vendors by understanding the pain points of sales operations, being a consultative ear, and regularly confirming next steps to move the evaluation along.
Daniel Godden
Business Development Manager at Data Dwell
Eric was very accommodating to the 8 hour time difference and willingly took early morning meetings. He was also incredibly attentive throughout the entire sales process and even took calls over the Christmas period.