Joshua Jordan ✓

Founder at preHIRED
Helping Sales Folks Get Six-Figure SaaS Sales Careers via Science-Based Sales®
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Joshua has put together a phenomenal training for future SDRs with PreHired. From developing accurate buyer personas to managing closed deals, PreHired covers all aspects of the sales development process. The integration of software and automation was my favorite section - the concepts and recommendations have made my workflow more efficient. Although I'm not new to sales, Josh's streamlined process has helped me raise the bar and challenge myself to be better in sales conversations. The best part? This is just the beginning. I know from several conversations with Josh that he has a genuine heart to see future SDRs succeed and he's working 'round the clock to make the program even better. His open mind to member feedback and relentless ambition to make the best software training on the planet will keep PreHired around for years to come. Anyone looking for a long-lasting career in software sales needs to join PreHired asap!

Lael Cook
Senior Executive Account... at Experiment 27
Joshua's preHired program for getting a job as an SDR in computer software is second to none. I was able to quickly learn the skills needed to get started in the industry and get through the interview process. However, the course isn't just built to get you the interview and the job- it is built to also give you the skills needed to grow and get to the top- if you're willing to do the work. The support from Josh and his team was phenomenal, and the layout of the course gave it an easy flow, but also the ability to go back and quickly review things you weren't quite sure about the first time around. If you're tired of working your 'regular' sales job, and want to get into software sales (aka the industry of the future), don't hesitate to contact the team at preHired and see if the program is right for you!

Christopher Jones
Sales Development Represe... at Avalara
Joshua's Prehired program helped me get the job I was applying and delivered on it's promises by following the steps outlined in the program. SDR/sales related role in the tech industry should enroll in this program. Josh and the PreHired team are amazing with an offering that actually works! I can personally attest to the training as I was offered my very first tech related sales role with a well established tech firm immediately after following all of the steps and processes. I highly recommend Joshua Jordan and the Prehired program if you are looking to hack your career and jump to the front of the line when interviewing for top tech sales jobs.

Shawn Townsend
Sales Consultant at Kin Insurance
Joshua's Prehired program will effectively deliver on it's promises without fail so long as you follow the steps outlined in the program. Anyone seeking a SDR/sales related role in the tech sector would be a fool not to enroll in the program. Josh and the Prehired team are the first to develop such a winning class offering that actually works! I can personally attest to the training as I was offered my very first tech related sales role with a well established tech firm immediately after following all of the steps and processes. I highly recommend Joshua Jordan and the Prehired program if you are looking to hack your career and jump to the front of the line when interviewing for top tech sales jobs.

Tim D.
CEO at International Solar Associates LLC
I am relatively new to sales, and had been taught many antiquated techniques that just don't work in today's high-tech sales environment. Josh's Science-Based Sales® methodology and teaching platform cleared the slate for me and I'm confident in what it takes to be top performer in this profession. Josh's certification process is linear, easy to follow and very accessible to a neophyte such as myself. I am now confident in every step of the sales development process from You could search for months online looking for the random blogs, videos and articles BUT you would not even get a fraction of the info that Science-Based Sales® delivers into one convenient package. And believe me, because I've been looking for ages, and I finally found the right spot with Prehired. Josh's delivery is crystal clear, precise and never boring. It feels like one-on-one tutoring. I'm looking forward to applying this knowledge to a satisfying (and well-paying) position in sales development.

David Gray
Owner at David Gray, LMT
Josh went into every single aspect of the sales industry from opening and nearly closing the sale. He trained me on the proper methodologies to follow when prospecting potential clients. He also goes over communication, meetings, phone calls, emailing - the works. I never thought there were so many resources to help the sales process!-but here we are. Better yet - Josh introduced and trained me the for the modern day sales development. I was basically in the stone age when it came to sales - "smile and dial" or "Always Be Closing' type of sales environments. With the knowledge Josh has taught me I must say that this program has only brought me closer to my dream job --- and when hired, even further ahead than my colleagues, no offense to my future colleagues. In all honesty, it's the details. Josh's training has allowed me to advance in many many aspects when it comes to Sales but some things that stood out to me is I've discovered to be more efficient in terms of advancing the sales development process while being professionally persistent. Those are key points I was never exposed to and never practiced. I'm used to being a closer but this is a whole different ball game. In so many ways the Sales industry is exciting and Josh brought to light the many ways to be great in it! Thanks Josh!

Chris Dalao
Business Development Mana... at ONE Contact Center
preHIRED was a great program for me and Joshua was an amazing mentor. I learned the vast process of software sales through new methodologies I have never seen before. These topics included using alignment, rapport, pain, budget, and solution. I also enhanced my sales prospecting process through the use of pain, urgency, money, authority. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to get into the field of software sales quickly and efficiently. I got an offer midway through the program and I could have gotten one earlier if I did the program full time.

George Lugo
George Lugo at NEOGOV
Josh has created the industry's most comprehensive training for SDR's. I hired preHIRED to help me learn the most modern lead generation and sales techniques. I was particularly impressed with the depth of the information provided in the course and just how easy Josh made it to take actionable steps to implement the information. He even provides job placement for those who want to get into sales roles at high growth companies. Josh and his team at preHIRED earn my highest recommendation as sales trainers, coaches, and job hackers. Their program produces RESULTS.

Joseph Serino
Inbound Marketing & Sales... at hidpo
I wanted to make the switch to the software and tech industry but knew I didn't want to program. I found preHIRED and immediately jumped at the Science-Based-Sales sm training offered. I was blown away by all the hands-on action based application in his course. I have found the CRM, automation sequence, and lead generation tools to be invaluable as I plunge into a new career field. Thanks Joshua and everyone at preHIRED! David

David Stewart
Sales Account Executive at Avvo
Joshua is such an amazing instructor and he’s genuine and passionate about what he does. I enjoyed going through his preHIRED course and it has drastically changed my career. I went from working dreadful commissions only sales jobs to being certified as a Science-Based Sales Analyst and landing a 40-60K software sales job! To make things better, I got hired at my most desired company with all the perks and benefits that make this role exciting! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and I know that 100K is in route. Thanks Josh and team for all the help and support; If you’re looking for a new exciting change, you should consider preHIRED!

John Robinson III
Marketing and Sales Repre... at UMC Direct
Finding Josh was a God-Send for my career -- What Josh has done with the creation of preHired is truly a blessing for people like myself who are looking to either switch gears or refine their skills within the sales/business development sector. Not only does Josh teach the best practices within the sales industry, he manages to break down the process in an understandable and actionable way -- which is something sorely missing from many training programs. Throughout the program, Josh has always been available to his students. From answering specific questions to mentorship, Josh does whatever it takes for his students to succeed. And succeed I did, within 48hrs of completing his course I already had both job offers and the confidence knowing that I would be able to succeed in those jobs. Seriously I cannot say too many great things about this guy and how his program has and will continue to change my life. Thank you Josh and all those at preHired!

Trevor Willenberg
Head of Sales at LabWorthy
I learned a lot from the preHIRED program. The section helped me to understand how to connect more precisely with founders of firms. The CrunchBase section was also amazing. The information that can be learned from Crunchbase will come in very handy. It is great interacting Joshua, you can tell he is 100% committed to helping everyone succeed and thrive in software sales.

Sylvester Rolack II
Business and Technology T... at Woodland High School
Josh brought organization and understanding to our sales activities. We started to get some customer conversions but weren’t really sure what was not working versus what was working, and why. Josh helped define & implement a sales process to maximize our conversion rates through every interaction. Josh's contribution has been invaluable as we continue to understand our customers and how to successfully interact with them. Highly recommend to partner with fourLetter if you want to take your sales to the next level!

Mindy Taylor
Host and Community Operat... at Airbnb
Within 3 months, Josh doubled the client base and revenue process within the first 90 days! Our business expansion was so successful, I couldn’t even fill all the contracts by myself and hired more people to my team. Work with fourLetter and expect A+++ results!

LeeAnne Edwards
CEO at OneinaMil, LLC
Josh is a brilliant salesperson that doesn't feel like a salesperson at all. During our consultation for Dale Carnegie Training, I never felt pressured to do anything and could tell he was a genuine guy who really cares about people more than $. Maybe that's why it was so easy to buy...he DOES NOT SELL but, instead, creates an atmosphere to buy! Not only that, but he is an excellent speaker and communicator! Very animated, energetic, engaging, and fun; he seems to capture and hold the attention of an audience and really speaks with confidence and commands the room! I highly recommend him for consulting, business development, or speaking! He definitely makes a point to add value to everyone he meets!

Niki Malkin
Co-Owner at Low Country Rockstars