Julia Andrews

CEO / Founder at Connect2Close™
Portland, OR, United States
about me
About me
I coach, train and consult with female entrepreneurs and small companies on building sales teams with an emphasis on consultative selling.
Meeta Palan McDonald
VIce President at Arden Home & Living
If you are looking to work with someone who is omniscient in sales strategy, client psychology and want to be propelled forward in your business with consistent performance tracking standards laid down by her from the get-go, you are in safe hands with Julia. She is a wonderful and hard-working person, and it has been such a pleasure!
Dana Magnus
Ethical Marketing Retreat Host at Zero Waste Advocate
Julia found me in all of the places in my business where I was struggling most, helped me to clearly understand where I was and what my next step would be, and empowered me to use my gifts and abilities to push through! Her methodology and her incredibly compassionate approach is exactly what the salesforce needs to really move the needle!