Kenny Traber

Sales Executive at SalesLoft
Helping organizations modernize the way they engage with and acquire customers
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Kenny led our whole team through a demo quickly and addressing everyone's priorities. Tough to do but he did it very well! Thoroughly professional sales executive I would recommend to anyone...

Josiah Mackenzie
Director of Growth - Mark... at Duetto
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Kenny showed up via video conference. It made it able to see and interact with him 'directly.' He did exactly what we requested by demonstrating exactly how our team would use the platform.

Shelly Correa
Senior Manager at Duetto Research
Kenny's ability to quarterback the process from start to finish by brining into the appropriate SalesLoft resources to answer our more complex and technical questions was second to none. Kenny is a true professional and a pleasure to work with

James Bracey
Director of Sales Develop... at DISCO
He answered all of our questions with sincere honesty, and was able to apply their platform to our specific needs.
Courtney Puddester
Account Development Manag... at Brainshark
A responsive, attentive, & genuine customer centric salesperson will help a buyer feel confident about giving their business. Kenny makes it a no brainer! One year later, I appreciate that Kenny still checks in on us! I would trust anyone to receive excellent support from him.

Heather Russell
Manager, Sales Developmen... at First.
He was thorough and prompt in his follow ups post-meeting to get our questions answered.
Connor Casey
Sales Development Rep at Resy
He answered my questions very thoughtfully and in an impressively timely matter. Funny story actually, when Connor and I were considering using Outreach instead of Salesloft we both like "NOOOO what about Kenny!"

Janine Silghigian
Sales Development Manager... at Resy
Kenny was amazing! My team went through an immense amount of change and he was always available if I had last minute questions during the evaluation. He was extremely thoughtful about providing the appropriate solution for my team and proactively invited his colleagues to meetings to help answer implementation questions. Loved working with Kenny!

Kristin Moore
Sales Manager at Lever