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Enterprise Sales Executive at SalesLoft
Helping organizations modernize the way they engage and acquire customers
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What impresses me most about Kevin is his genuine care for others. He's a really good person, and has the best of intentions - he's not going to sell you something he doesn't believe in, or he doesn't believe is going to be the right fit. He's super kno... See more...
Natalie Kerns
Account Executive
Cloud Elements
Kevin has impressed me since he began as a sales executive at Salesloft. I have been his customer at least 3x now and have referred many other clients to him. He never fails to answer any and all questions, but also helps with creating value by uncoveri... See more...
Ryan Donohue
VP, Sales Services
Imagine Business Development
Took multiple sessions to answer my questions by walking through the product and created customized examples that were relevant to my use case.
Jonathan Hearn
VP of Sales Operations
Clear Channel Outdoor
He took the time to listen to our problems. Instead of shoving Salesloft at us in a way prescribed by Salesloft, he built an understanding of where we were, what plagued us, and recommended the right solutions based on that.
Emerald Maravilla
Sr. Manager Sales Development
Sift Science
He walked through our needs and made sure that his platform would address them all. Not just for today, but what we were looking to accomplish in the upcoming year.
David Yasson
VP of Sales
Izenda, Inc.
Super refreshing to work with a sales person who's truly interested in helping you solve a business problem vs just sell you something. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Kevin again.
Steve Dodsworth
Director of Sales Development
Alteryx, Inc.
Straight to the point and helped me internally sell - didn't BS around
Nellie Aube
Regional Sales Director
Nitro, Inc
Kevin was able to show us a better way to structure our sales process while being flexible and a leader during the buying process.
Ander Vazquez
Director Sales Development
Kevin continued to be persistent with getting our SDR team on Salesloft and helped us through a few obstacles we were facing. Overall he provided great support and solutions to make for a meaningful partnership.
Rachel Redman
Business Development Manager
Kevin and I became pen pals debating whether the best go-to-market strategy for SDRs was using automated or personalized emails. He impressed me with his ability to see both sides of the debate while confidently sticking to his guns.
Patrick Purvis
Kevin impressed me with his responsiveness, communication skills and attention to detail. At some point he found out I liked Japanese Whiskey and brought over a bottle by hand after the deal was closed. Overall fantastic experience with Kevin!
Dhiraj Singh
Director, Commercial Sales
Kevin is very responsive and respectful of the sales process. He listens well and doesn't try to tell you something that you don't need. He tries to understand your needs and craft his solution to meet those.
Lou Lurz
VP Sales Development
It has been great working with Kevin. He is always willing to go the extra mile to help and is always quick to return a call or email. His persistence is a always professional. I plan to continue working with Kevin in the years to come.
Troi Meyers
Director of Inside Sales
Kevin has a great personality and always has a smile on his face. He can easily make anyone laugh with a funny joke here and there. Kevin is very polite, professional, and has a great work ethic. He is very dedicated and has the drive it takes to succee... See more...
Sasha Olson
Director of HR
One of the most important things to me with a sales rep is that they understand their business backwards and forwards. I want them to be an expert, and Kevin was that. I learned from our interactions, and that was key for deciding to move forward.
Misha McPherson
Working with Kevin was a great pleasure . Kevin was very prompt in responding and I was highly impressed with this approach of working and maintaining relations with the clients .
Piyush B
Sr. Technical Consultant
Acuity Brands
Kevin worked hard to fill our needs, followed up consistently, and was a partner in success. Kevin asks the right questions to find the right solution.
Avi Zibitt
Software Sales Leader
NCR Corporation
Kevin Walkup is the consumate professional and it is a pleasure to work with him on bringing in the highest skilled resources to SunTrust. I appreciate his attention to needs analysis and I would recommend him to any organization that is in search of be... See more...
Russ Pena
Director Design Execution
For the short version, Kevin is awesome! Very knowledgeable on sales and sales development best practices; Kevin is not just a sales guy, but a great partner for any organization to take their sales development efficiency to the next level. Patient, int... See more...
Christopher Pollot
Sr. Director, Inside Sales
I've worked with Kevin for the past six months or so and have established SalesLoft here at Next Caller after extensive conversations. Kevin is a professional sales rep who knows the balance between the right amount of persistence and the right amount o... See more...
Jeff Kirchick
VP Enterprise Sales
Next Caller
Kevin has a true and natural knack for sales! A great pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable in SalesLoft's products (Cadence and Prospector), and a diligent hard worker. Kevin was always very responsive, attentive, and truly went above and beyond to... See more...
Angela Sun
Director of Marketing
The two biggest complaints about sales people are that they talk to much and don't understand their customer's business. Kevin's the opposite. He listens, asks great questions, advocates for his customers inside his own company, and creates win-win deal... See more...
Tom Murdock
Business Development
Kevin is a joy to work with. He is able to see both the big and small picture allowing him to drive the sales process -- from identifying the right partners to closing the deal. I would strongly recommend Kevin to any company, he is the right kind of ex... See more...
Noam Cadouri
Business Development
The first thing I noticed about Kevin's approach was that he was extremely knowledgeable and personable. During the evaluation process, Kevin was the most hands-on and accessible which made me very comfortable in my decision to use SalesLoft as our plat... See more...
Race Johnson
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