Kobie Fuller

General Partner at Upfront Ventures
Los Angeles, CA, United States
about me
About me
Investor, marketer, company builder, food lover, gym rat and family man
Inboard Technology
The Mighty
Exact Target
Campaign Monitor
Loyalty Lab
Imceda Software
Central Desktop
Miles and Milan
Mike Porath
Founder & CEO at The Mighty at The Mighty
Kobie helps pull me out of the weeds and reminds me of the two or three most important things I need to do as CEO at any given time. Helping me recruit and close two key executive hires made a huge impact on the business. I can always count on him for honest and candid insight and perspective.
Ryan Evans
Co-Founder at Inboard Technology
Kobie is incredibly sharp and quick. These two traits, married with his analytical thinking, allow him to critically analyze a problem on the spot and propose solutions in almost real-time. I’ve never seen anyone work as fast and as functionally as Kobie.
Jeremy Swift
Co-Founder & CEO at Cordial
Kobie’s intelligence matches his heart. They’re both the upper band of folks i’ve been fortunate to work with. Without fail I can count on him to do what he says he’ll do. Blessed to work with him.
Brendan Iribe
CEO at Oculus VR
Kobie was a fantastic investor and advisor during the early stages of Oculus. He has a unique talent for product marketing and sales, which is especially valuable when building and launching consumer products.
Adam Berke
Strategic Advisor at AdRoll
Kobie is the rare investor that has deep operational experience as a marketer and CMO. Increasingly, companies are realizing that this is the make or break skill set as they go to market and try to cost effectively acquire customers. Kobie is unique in that he understands marketing both strategically and has had hands on experience as an executor.