Logan Kostroun

Senior Account Executive at GoCo.io Inc
San Antonio, TX, United States
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Amy Horton
Director of Human Resouces at Dito
Logan took the time to understand my business needs and my concerns. He took note of them and would refer back to these to make sure that he was covering them throughout our conversations.
Debra Berlinrood
Controller at Real Time Medical Systems
In a matter of days, Logan made me feel as if I had been his friend for years. He made the process of learning about, and deciding to go with, GoCo a breeze. It was because of Logan, and the rest of his team, that made the decision to go with GoCo a no-brainer. Not to mention the incentive Logan gave me to sign a day early...
Naomi Honig
Director of Human Resources at Caliper Foods
Hands down the best software sales experience I have had. Logan was organized, prepared with solutions, and honest answers to all of my questions.
Jessica Joseph
Director, Human Resources & Talent at Current Media
I enjoy working with Logan because regardless if an issue falls under his scope, he'll ensure that it's escalated and solved in a timely manner. I have continually worked with Logan throughout my tenure at multiple companies.