Luciano Scala

Account Executive at
San Francisco, CA, United States
about me
About me
Helping GTM executives to drive performance and growth
Radd Interactive
Foxit Corporation
Limelight Platform Inc.
Aurea Software
Signal Media Ltd
PureWay Health
Inflow Communications
Park City Group
Jesse Martinez
Director of Sales at Park City Group
Luciano went above and beyond to help us resolve our issues and make our platform work seamlessly with each other. He was responsive, collaborative and diligently worked with my company to help us get up and running. He went above the normal call to action and give the highest praises to Luciano and his work ethic. Thanks for all the help!
Dan Ptak
Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy at
Luciano was consultative and direct throughout the sales process. He thoroughly listened and addressed any concerns I had and knew his stuff about Gong inside and out.
Ian Blair
Co-Founder at BuildFire
Follow up was on point and was always making sure we were happy.
Chris Sears
Director of Sales Development and Lead Generation at
Luciano has always been incredibly responsive and quick with everyone on our team at He got us the answers we needed quickly and efficiently and has reached out multiple times offering additional support that was above and beyond what was asked.
Joe Totten
VP of Sales at ZenSourcer
Luciano is a straightforward and honest salesperson. He worked with me to understand my company's needs, tailored a solution to fit those needs and put together a compelling offer. He was organized throughout the process and never let anything drop. He never wasted my time.
Ryan Wakefield
Training Specialist at Booj
His ability to look at a problem from multiple perspectives. It may sound like a self-explanatory skill but Luciano was always trying to brainstorm ways that Gong can be used for our company. Eventually, we came up with unique ways to utilize the software that have already proven to measure KPI's and make our lives easier.
Eyal Feldman
CEO at Stampli
Luciano is a real challenger with the natural ability to connect immediately to people.
David Bramley
Director of Inside Sales at Zingle
Luciano was very supportive and responsive throughout the sales process as we trialed and eventually purchased Gong.
Jonathan Fishman
Business Development at StoreMaven
Luciano was extremely helpful throughout the selling process and guided us as we evaluated Gong vs. a competitor. Luciano did a great job of adjusting to our needs at every step of the conversation.
Mike Tretinjak
Vice President, Strategy at Titan Growth
Luciano was very professional with his approach and diligent with identifying our needs and putting together a solid plan of attack. Every question we had was answered in a concise and accurate manner. Thanks Luciano!
Brad Selbst
Director of Sales Automation and Demand Generation at Foxit Software, Inc
Luciano impressed me whenever I talked with him or corresponded via email. Luciano should be promoted.
Julia Brocklehurst
Sales Support at Limelight Platform
Luciano was very diligent in making sure was best implemented for our specific needs.
Harrison Waid
Group Manager - Inside Sales at Synthego Corporaton
Provided a number of use cases and best practices all relevant to my company and my team. He also provided additional ways to help train and onboard new sales reps.