Meredith Barrett

Account Executive at Cloud Elements
Napa, CA, United States
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About me
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Opus One Winery
Harris & Associates
Hanna Andersson
Joe Miller
Vice President of Information Technology at TOLMAR, Inc.
While CIO at Direct Flow Medical we selected Softchoice as a vendor for software as well as our computer workstations. Meredith was our Sales Rep and was a pleasure to deal with. She responded very quickly to my requests for information and set up numerous meetings with supplier subject matter experts to assist us in setting up new device standards. She was also a strong advocate for us with suppliers when something did not go as expected and worked diligently, on our behalf, to make it right. Meredith was like a member of our team!
Jimmy Wouters
Technical Support Specialist at Fremont Group
Meredith is the bomb. I have never had the opportunity to work with someone as amazingly efficient as Meredith. In my position I am tasked with purchasing softwares for our entire Company and like a lot of Companies we need it yesterday. If you want to work with someone who will exceed every expectation and leave you with ultimate satisfaction in a job well done then Meredith is the right choice for you and your Business. I make changes to my orders on the fly and Meredith is right there with me providing a Great customer service.
Jason Crua
Director of Network and Site Operations at Ingenio, LLC
Meredith came through in the clutch for us when we desperately needed switching hardware sent to one of our data centers, overnight. She not only prepped all of the relevant invoicing materials, but also hooked us up in a pinch with the vendor who's equipment we purchased, to run through the Build of Materials, all in time for next day morning shipment. This gear is needed to avoid delays in a critical product launch next week! Thank you Meredith!
Chris Niewiarowski
IT Manager / Sr. Sysadmin at On Lok, Inc.
Of all the vendors and account managers I've worked with over the years Meredith Berrett has been by far the best. Working with her is a breeze, she is professional and forward thinking and is able to put resources in place to meet virtually any need you could come up with. She is responsible and follows up, not just to see about getting another sale but to ensure that the products and solutions that have been organized through her are working and meeting expectations. If you have a chance to work with Meredith I would highly recommend it. She is an excellent asset to her team and her company.
Ben Wilson
Director of Information Technology at Harris & Associates
I have worked Meredith Barrett at Softchoice for about 3 years. During that time she has become our primary IT partner for products and services. She currently manages our Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and Azure Enterprise Agreement and is our go to partner for almost all technology purchases. I have also worked with her on numerous projects including o365 migration, business continuity and disaster recovery, and a hyperconverged Infrastructure for our datacenter to name a few. She’s proven to be very resourceful and manages to get the right people on the phone when we need them. No matter what I throw at her she quickly responds and gets thing done right the first time. Meredith’s proficiency allows me to focus on other aspects of providing high quality IT within our organization.
Daniel McPherson
Network Administrator at Opus One Wineries
I have had the good fortune to be a client of Meredith’s for the past two years. She was always helpful and attentive to our needs. She kept us up to date on the latest technology and was always thoughtful about what would help our company succeed technologically. She is a true asset in every sense of the word. She was an integral part of our tech team here at Opus One Winery.