Michael Paravati

Enterprise Account Executive at Chargebee
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Spoke to Michael during two different phases of our company growth over a two year period. Both times he provided great feedback and relevant assistance for our stage.

Pravin Premkumar
CTO at WhatBench
Michael impressed me when he took the time to truly understand our business needs and prepare strategic recommendations that aligned with them. He didn't sell us features, he sold us solutions, and better yet, he simply showed us solutions and let us "sell" ourselves.

Zach Shefska
COO at MarketSmart
We’ve worked with several folks at Chargebee, but I try to get our clients introduced to Michael Paravati whenever possible. What I appreciate the most is that he genuinely cares, and tries to help our clients to figure out whether their solution is the right fit.

Jaakko Piipponen
Co-Founder, CEO at Flightpath Finance
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Michael was very helpful for months on end as we were deciding between Chargebee and a couple other competitors. He was even patient and understanding as we assessed a new competitor right near the end! He went to bat for us in numerous ways throughout the process, and is a perfect example of a rockstar salesman.

Trevor Hinesley
Founder and CTO at Soundstripe
Autonet Mobile
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I've worked with Michael with two separate companies now. Michael has always been a go-to. Even though he was the one selling the product, he takes much more of a service approach and was always there to answer our difficult questions and provide remedies and solutions for any troubles we had coming in.

Darrian Mikell
CEO / Co-Founder at Qualifi
Michael took the time to get to know our business needs and understand what makes us unique. His approach is personal, logical and geared towards helping us be successful every step of the way.

Rose Rutledge
Audience Development Dire... at Sofar Sounds
Michael took the time to learn about our company and find the right solution to meet our growth needs now - and for the future. He was with us through the entire journey from a pro active role in the beginning to a supportive role near the end. Plus he is wonderful to talk to!

Dianne Hatcher
Chief Financial Officer at Dash Hudson
The hardest thing about building a tech stack is determining how much of what the sales rep said will translate to reality. The greatest compliment I can give Michael is that he accurately represented Chargebee's product, processes, promise, and potential effectiveness. He didn't need to SELL Chargebee. He faithfully represented it to me.

Ben Laughter
Vice President of Custome... at Whiteboard CRM
Michael was very personable and detail oriented. He was very patient and understanding. I am the kind of person that needs to see the solutions in action before making a decision. Michael was very accommodating and genuinely wanted to show me the true value of the tool. He was nothing short of remarkable.

Dusty Grover
Salesforce Administrator at Groove Entertainment Technologies
Michael helped us through a difficult RFP process with multiple dependencies in a relatively quick time period (5 weeks). Then instead of a quick hand-off, he helped get us through the finish line of getting fully launched with Chargebee. Amazing work, highly responsive and highest recommendation. The sales guy you always wished for!

Sean Fitzpatrick
Chief Acquisition Officer... at Conversion Labs, Inc.
Golf Genius Software
Rose Rocket
Dash Hudson
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