Morgan Ingram

Director of Sales Execution at JBarrows
Atlanta, GA, United States
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About me
Host of #TheSDRChronicles l Motivating and Helping Sales Teams Evolve into Rockstars
Stratix Corporation
Forrester Research
David Kraig
Manager, North American Lead Generation at Level 3 Communications
Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of bringing Morgan on sight to our Atlanta/Norcross office. Having recently seen him at @Rainmaker2018 as well as many of the episodes of the SDR Chronicles, we had an idea of what to expect, but honestly didn't realize how fast a day with him would 'fly by'! Without giving too much content away, here are a few thoughts regarding the workshop... We liked Morgan’s approach regarding prospecting and 'getting your mind right' prior to making calls. Daily Organization is a topic that is well-woven throughout his presentation. I enjoyed how Morgan described organizing his work-day PRIOR to it starting. I particularly enjoyed his strategy on how to best strategize your calling activity...very crucial to success! Morgan J. is the REAL DEAL! Do your team a solid and get him on-sight today!
Rohit Mishra
Head - Sales Development at Freshworks Inc.
We were scaling our SDR Team and wanted to invest in their training. I was not spoilt for choice as every SDR’s favourite is Morgan Ingram. I have followed him from his days of SDR Chronicles. His knowledge, confidence and method stand out from the noise in the sales training space. The good thing is he never takes his craft for granted and works hard to improve each day even today. His prep work for our training was spot on and the execution was flawless. I would highly recommend sales development leaders to get him over for a workshop called “FILLING THE FUNNEL”. Thank you Morgan and we shall look forward to engaging a lot more in the future as it’s just the beginning for you and us :-)