Terry S. Shidner

Sales Leader at Karat
Sales Leader at Karat
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Terry worked as a project manager for a company we hired to do multi-language translations and translation testing. He did a tremendous job managing the project with both his and our resources being located in multiple and distant time zones. I found Terry to be incredibly dependable, flexible and responsive throughout our project. He ensured all was delivered on time and with a high level of quality, even when our requirements changed. Terry does the impossible and makes it appear easy. He also demands an extremely high level of quality from his team. I highly recommend Terry for managing any complex globalization project.

Marie Powell
Senior Customer Support M... at Dassault Systemes
I hired Terry and his company, VanceInfo, while VP - Technology at Welocalize. They were hired to provide outsourced software development for some key applications. They did stellar work - quality deliverables, on time and on budget. I would hire them again if the opportunity presented itself.

Gary Prioste
CEO at Menlo Technologies
Terry was part of the team when it came to implementing a whole new kind of translation workflow for my organization. He represented the Localization Service Provider and I was the technical lead for the translation buyer. Even though we were on the verge of changing to a whole different paradigm where processes and technologies would change drastically, Terry was the smooth navigator who made sure all the pieces fell together correctly. He had a very astute understanding of the technology, and a keen sense of how to ensure all the right technical people needed to work together. And Terry had the brilliant foresight to know that even though the new system, on the surface, might have seemed to decrease the billable hours for his company - that its increases in efficiency would positively reflect his company, and that in the long view it would lead to increased business for them. He was dead right! In our very first measure after implementing the new system we immediately documented a 30% savings in cost and a 30% improvement in time-to-market. Terry was the vital operator in all of this. Thanks Terry!

Bryan Schnabel
Sr. Web Operations Manage... at Tektronix
Clorox Professional
I have known Terry for many years, since we both worked at Berlitz, and through his work at other localization service providers employed by companies I worked at. Always a consummate professional, Terry strives to provide the optimal solution to his customers' requirements. His broad knowledge of the localization industry translates into quality, value and timeliness of services provided. In addition to his expertise, Terry is gregarious, personable and fun to work with.

Janice Campbell
Sr. Program Manager at Adobe Systems
I have known Terry for many years and worked with him during his Symbio days. It has been always a great pleasure working with Terry. Terry understands customer’s needs and knows very well how to position the company he represents for. Love his personality. Terry is full of energy and always great to talk to.

Yan Carolla
Business Director at SDL plc