Tina Bean

Founder, VP Partnerships at KickFire
San Jose, CA, United States
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About me
Raising the IQ of marketing stacks around the world.
Brother Industries
Terminus Software
LookBookHQ Inc.
Just Media
Funnel Science
Blue River Interactive Group
Choate, Hall & Stewart
Mitel Networks Corporation
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Dow Chemical Pacific Ltd
Armstrong Holdings
Lattice Engines
Timothy Tutt
CEO and Cofounder at Night Shift Development, Inc.
Tina was phenomenal to work with and is a true customer advocate. She provided the background and samples I needed to assess whether KickFire would be an appropriate tool for my client. Her responses were always timely and relevant, and I would recommend that anyone take the opportunity to engage with her when possible.
Richard Owen
Chief Product Officer at Progressive Equity Charter
Tina is a fantastic partner and vendor. It is a pleasure doing business with her.
Charles Shimooka
Digital Marketing Director at McKesson
I was very impressed with Tina's knowledge - it was both incredibly deep within her company's tool and specialization, as well as broad over the industry in general. She helped guide our thinking through the evaluation process and was extremely efficient in getting things done.
Andrew Hecht
Analytics Manager at McKesson
Tina is a great advocate for KickFire. Working with her to determine if KickFire was the right IP service for my company has been one of the best experiences I've ever had with a Sales Rep. She's direct, honest and incredibly responsive. She took the time to understand our needs and made sure to answer all of our questions promptly and fully.
Martin Hunt
Data Science and Marketing Analytics at Brother Industries Limited
I'm very glad to be working with Tina over the last few months. There were various technical issues prior to contract signing and Tina employed very positive problem solving skills to get issues cleared up. Also I want to note that her interpersonal skills made the process stress-free, in particular her approachability and openness.
Eric Spett
CEO at Terminus
Tina is one of the best sales professionals that I've ever had the pleasure of working with!
Jacco vanderKooij
Founder at Winning By Design
Tine is truly trying to help the customer solve the problem. Her approach is to ask questions first to understand before she helps with a solution.
Gil Allouche
CEO at Metadata
Tina impressed me when she was able to find a way to work together, and was able to truly establish credibility and trust with me from the first meeting and forward.
Brandon Friesen
CEO at Just Media
Tina is fantastic. She is very responsive and passionate about her business. Most importantly, she also listens to customer / market needs and then works with her organization to evolve their solutions accordingly.
Hans Bunes
Global Account Director and Senior Advisor at Vendemore
Tina is extraordinary responsive even after we have signed the dotted line.
Kari Hodgson
Head of Demand Gen at Couchbase
She goes the extra mile to ensure everyone in the deal is happy. She bent over backwards to get our contract through with unlimited patience.
Alex Richter
VP Solutions at Idio
Tina is a responsive and friendly seller! I'd highly recommend her.
Bryan Brown
Head of Product at Terminus Software
Tina works hard to create true partnerships that deliver successful outcomes!
Christopher Steele
Director of Operations at Strategyn
As a sales professional, Tina is responsive, empathetic, and a problem-solver. She had a solution for every question I had.
Srihari Kumar
CEO at ZenIQ - ABM Platform
Tina is very intelligent, tenacious, and persistent.
Daley Robinson
Managing Director at Inflowing
Tina is a salesperson who doesn't rest until she realises value for the customer. She balances perfectly the commercial needs of her own business with a desire to act ethically in the best interests of her customers. She is responsive - even on vacation!
Jay Whiddon
VP Marketing Solutions at Bridgevine
Tina takes a sincere approach in working with her clients. She devotes herself to understand your business and your specific goals. Then the problem solving side of Tina comes out with brainstorming and conceptualizing solutions specific to your needs.
Sahil Mansuri
CEO at Bravado
Tina is one of the most delightful sellers I've worked with in my career. She focuses on delivering value with each interaction, helped me learn and understand how her product could benefit us, and provides excellent customer service! Highly recommended!
Rex Liu
Demand Generation Manager at Booker
Working with Tina was great, she responded promptly and worked hard to find a way that Kickfires solution would align with the needs of Booker.
Scott Miller
Founder & VP Product at TrustRadius
My favorite thing about Tina is that she is friendly, responsive, and a problem-solver!
Stuart Ferguson
Regional Vice President - Sales at Directly
Serving on the Board of Directors at VisiStat/KickFire alongside Tina for the last 13 years, I’ve come to see first hand what a tremendous contribution she’s had to the company's top line revenue and overall product vision.
Eric Weber
President/CEO at SmartMax Software, Inc.
We've been dealing with Tina since the early days of her Visistat product. I've always regarded Tina as a leader in her industry, which is why we are using her latest product, Kickfire in our Chatbeacon.io Live Chat product. Her firmographics product leads the industry.
Stephen Petteruti
Marketing Director at Sellpoints, Inc.
Tina is quick to respond to questions and very knowledgeable about her product and her industry.
Marlo (Schneider) Oster
SVP Media at Sellpoints, Inc.
Tina was very thorough and helpful! The team very much enjoys working with her.
Joe Smolarski
Chief Operating Officer at MRP
Tina is a rare salesperson... unbelievably responsive, fantastic customer service... worries about solving your problem first and dollars later. An excellent all around sales experience.
Sabrina (Mehrok) Galati
SVP, Media Director at Just Media, Inc.
I have been very impressed with Tina who is always willing to collaborate with her partners and take a solutions first approach to solving problems. She does all of this with a smile and has been a pleasure to work with!
Jason Widup
Vice President Marketing Operations at Tableau Software
I've worked with Tina a few times over the last several years and she has always been an incredibly consultative sales executive, very tuned into the needs of my business and how her offerings could best support me. Never tried to oversell based on the company I was at. She's a very easy person to work with.
Chin Cheung Lun
Senior Director, Technology Solutions APAC at MediaMath
Tina has been a valuable partner in our Account Based Marketing project. Working closely with us to define our offering and solution design. We manage to work together across multiple time zones to meet our clients.
Marc Blakeney
Director of Digital, Demand & Field Marketing at Vocera Communications
Tina is responsive and fantastic to work with. She is much more than a sales person, she is a trusted business partner.
Rich Flati
SVP, Customer Success at Jabmo
Was great to work with Tina, she was easy to work with and helped us with our specific needs
Duncan Lauder
President and CEO at Marketing Practicality, LLC
Tina is very professional, highly responsive and client-focused. I've enjoyed working with her on various account based marketing activities and happily refer her to my clients when there is a good fit.
Melissa Hjelle Lambrecht
Marketing Specialist at Rice Lake Weighing Systems
Tina and her team have come through on any request we have presented to KickFire. We have been working with Tina well over a year now and the services she and KickFire provide align well with our needs.
Sean Schroeder
Principal/CCO at Blue River Interactive Group
Patient. Helpful. Knowledgeable. Prompt. Professional. Friendly. Forthright. Tina exhibited all of these qualities as we worked through a long process to get us onboarded. She was pleasure to do business with and I'm looking forward to working with her and her team.
Alex Fender
Chief Funnel Scientist at Funnel Science
Tina really impressed me with her technical knowledge and ability to communicate complex topics in simple ways. She is at the top of game and a respected consultant to our company.
Patrick Ranfranz
Director of Marketing at Ricelake
Tina/Kickfire has been a great tool for our company since we started with them more than a year ago now. Tina and her staff have been helpful and knowledgeable on anything we have had questions on.
Andre Yee
CEO at Triblio
Tina is impressive because she is trustworthy and knowledgeable when it comes to selling marketing data. She creatively finds ways to make a partnership work for both sides