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Yuri Kruman ★ Employee Experience Consultant

Fortune 500 Professional Development Consultant | Speaker | Author at
New York, NY, United States
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About me |Millennial Executive Coach |Forbes & Entrepreneur Contributor |PR Consultant |Author |Speaker
UBS Capital Americas
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Zachary Brown
Daniel Zana
Senior Video Editor at
Working with Yuri Kruman was an absolute pleasure and incredibly enlightening. As someone who has worked in the freelance world for quite some time, I rarely had the opportunity to discuss and negotiate my salary with a prospective employer. Yuri was able to walk me through the salary negotiation process, coaching me through what the phone call would sound like, rehearsing different situations, and even helped me think of creative ways to negotiate my salary and ask for other perks as well which I never had even thought of! As a result, I managed to improve the original offer from my dream company by $7500 in a 10-minute chat. I took the revised offer and am thrilled in my new job! I’d highly recommend his services to anyone finalizing a job offer or working to negotiate an review.
Vinodh Jeyaraj
Founder and CEO at Winspire Inc.
Yuri has been a big-find in helping me up-level the way I have been building my startup. Yuri has helped me sharpen my business model and create a compelling value proposition that has made my company 10x more attractive to customers and investors. Yuri was also helpful in giving multiple strategies that I was not aware of, to build our Press and partnerships, his advice has helped us gain visibility in the media and with investors. Personally, the biggest ‘wow’ for me has been the way Yuri was able to ask very compelling questions and trigger a change in my mindset – about how I saw my company in my own eyes and my customer’s eyes. It has created an immense confidence in me as a founder and I can see that confidence translating into results for my company. I highly recommend startup entrepreneurs who are stuck in their head to work w... Show More
Paulina Barría
CEO and Founder at Love2Light Spa
I met Yuri Kruman; because he was one of my mentors in the program of the Accelerator 2020 Startups in New York City. What I liked the most about his coaching process, is that he cared a lot about me as a person, in addition to giving me valuable knowledge related on: how interact with press, strategic partners and investors, he also helped me a lot in the development of my pitch deck with wise and timely advice, which makes him a comprehensive and holistic mentor. I admire Yuri's great optimism and support as well as the positive energy that he transmits. What I have learned with Yuri has allowed me to focus and understand many things about the New York market; that was previously unknown to me, this has allowed me to move much faster than I expected in the process of three-months in 2020 Startups.
Marcela Bonancio
Executive Assistant Office Manager at Publicis Media
Yuri has helped me to reshape my startup idea through marketing, CVP , press and media relationships and investor relations - his valuable insights are reflected at every step of my pitch deck and in the way I positioned myself in front of partners, customers and investors. Highly recommend for any startup or professional who wants to reach the next level.