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Session 2: Cold-Calls... What to Say to Your Prospects on the Phone to Earn a Meeting


76% of SDRs aren’t hitting their quota.

Why? Because most aren’t taught…

  • What to Say to their Prospects Over the Phone & Email to get a Yes
  • The “30 Deadly Sins” most commonly made by SDRs that Prevent them from Booking Meetings
  • How to Craft Outreach that Makes Prospects Respect You & Gladly Take a Meeting
  • How to Counter Objections like “I’m not Interested” or “I’m going into a meeting”

Only 3 years ago, I started as an SDR, working on the front lines.

Today, I’m a RVP of Business Development at G2 Track, the third hypergrowth-stage company that has hired me to reinvent their Sales Development processes.

I’ve cracked the code on how to crush your numbers as an SDR & now I want to teach as many people as possible what I know.

I’ll teach you:

  • How to quickly scale Highly- Personalized messaging
  • How to choose the best “Reason for reaching out”
  • A consistent, repeatable structure for tailored emails and calls
  • The “7 Pillars of Persuasion” and flavors to include in your messaging
  • The 30 things every SDR should avoid saying in their outreach

I'm spilling ANY and EVERY jewel on what to say to your prospects, how to destroy your quota, move up the ladder quickly, and become the SDR everyone wants on their team.

SO, If you're an SDR and are struggling to hit quota, an SDR who’s hitting quota but wants to 3X it, or are just bored and want free training…

Becc Holland
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