Linkedin Live: Sahil + Gwen Coleman and Lanette Richardson

Sahil sits down with two powerhouses from one of our beloved communities, Utah Women in Sales, to chat about their newest initiative #GetHiredSummit! 

#GetHired Summit is a two-day virtual conference to combat the rise in unemployment in the United States. Featuring prominent keynotes, virtual information sessions, online recruiter Q&As, virtual concerts, and unmatched job search resources, #GetHired Summit brings leaders, companies, and talent together to create a world-class experience.

Gwen serves on the Utah Women in Sales Executive board and oversees the Mentorship Program as well as co-hosting their podcast series “Women Who Win”. Her career initially started out as a dietitian, then working as an educator/sales liaison for an insulin company and now she’s currently a pharmaceutical sales professional in the ADHD treatment market. She also provides business development and strategic marketing consulting for the largest podiatry group in Utah and two outpatient surgery centers. Outside of “work”, you’ll find her spending time with her son, boyfriend, and lots of friends in Utah. 

Lanette has always had the drive to excel. Starting her own business in her early 20s she grew her business from the ground up to be one of the top 100 Multiple Store Quick Printing businesses in the United States. Leading the way in innovation and development of new processes that would be adopted throughout that industry nationwide. Lanette was recognized as one of the top young entrepreneurs to watch nationally among other prestigious awards. After 15 years and seeing the industry-changing technology, she got out while she was on top and sold her businesses. In a complete job change and industry change, Lanette took on the world of Technology Sales. With over 25 years of business ownership and sales experience, she is no stranger to navigating very large deals with the largest companies in the USA and Internationally. Awarded the distinguished honor of being named North America's Best Woman in Sales 2015, Top 5 Best Woman in North America Software Tech Sales 2018 and having achieved Presidents Club year-over-year at several companies, Lanette has a history of closing some of the largest deals in company history wherever she goes. The achievement that she is the proudest of is her family. She is the Mother of 8 children and 12 grandchildren. She has raised and is still raising an amazing successful family. She and her husband/biggest cheerleader Troy have been married for over 30 years and look forward to many more adventures together.

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