Sahil + Olivier - The Modern Buying Process

The biggest shift in buyer preference has taken place right in front of us... and we have all missed it. 😨

Let me prove it. Go into incognito mode and visit the Netflix homepage.

  • Do you see that button that says “Contact Sales” when you want to see pricing?
  • How about that lead capture form?
  • Did a Drift or Intercomchatbot pop and ask “How can I help you today?”
  • Is the minimum contract length 1 year or 2 years? How much does a trial cost?
  • Do you expect to receive a 12 step cold call/email cadence from them?


Yeah. The world has changed. And the same human being that fell in love with Netflix over Blockbuster’s late fees and inconvenience.... is the same person dying for B2B to undergo the same metamorphosis as B2C.

That shift is coming. And my dear friend SVP Sales at G2 is leading the charge.

Join us on LNKD Live and bring all of your questions on how and why your company must embrace a buyer-centric sales process ... or end up suffering Blockbuster’s fate. Thursday, 8/15 at 11 am PST /2 pm EST.

Sahil Mansuri
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