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  • 1001-5000 employees
  • Secondary Market

Brex is the first fully unified global spend platform — with corporate cards, expense management, reimbursements, and bill pay.

Enterprise Account Executive, Enterprise


Not Accepted
Interview Difficulty
Interview Origin
Referred by a current employee
# interviews
Interview Duration
2-4 weeks
  • Interview Process

    Steps: -Initial call with referral & Director of Sales -Call with Director of Sales 1 -Call with Director of Sales 2 (discovery convo) -"Formal" process starts - 4 interviews (Day 1 back to back focused on prospecting, demand gen and negotiation; Day 2 back to back focused on team selling then demo) I had a first call with my referral and the director of sales. Then 2 more follow-up calls with the director of sales. Spoke to the recruiter multiple times throughout as well. The "official" interview was over 2 days: Day 1 was back-to-back 30-minute convos with the Director of Midmarket focused on outbound prospecting, and an Enterprise rep focused on negotiation. The next day was with a Solution consultant focused on how you utilize your team in a sale followed by a demo of any software of your choice. This is where it got weird. They wanted me to demo a product from my previous company (I worked at 4 years prior) and asked me to get a demo environment. They wouldn't accept just a presentation- and at my current company, I do not have access to any demos. I decided to do ZoomInfo. I set all my interviews up a week and a half to 2 weeks out. Got appointments set in my calendar and everything. Then the recruiter reached out and said "we have other candidates and I want to give you the best shot can you do these earlier" so I was forced to move them up a week. After the interviews concluded (on a Friday) I followed up because there was zero feedback- and the director of sales let me know they are debriefing the next Tuesday and would let me know immediately. Come Tuesday, I finally texted the recruiter at 5:30 after not hearing anything all day. He texted me 2 hours later saying the feedback wasn't what he wanted. I asked for a call and still haven't heard back, and emailed the Sales Director directly for a call for their feedback and why they decided to move on with someone else.