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Medtronic develops healthcare technology solutions for various medical conditions.

Company star rating out of five 2.6

associate, Other

US, Arkansas City

Interview Difficulty
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Referred by a current employee
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Interview Duration
4-6 weeks
  • Interview Process

    It was a very difficult interview, but rightfully so. You need to study pretty diligently before your interview. Reach out to current employees within your network if you can. They should be able to help you. It took a bit longer than 4 weeks to do the whole thing. They can be busy, so be sure to follow up with them

  • Interview Questions

    Tell me of a time when you had to have a difficult conversation with a physician or hospital employee? What do you know about the position? Tell me a bit about yourself? (Followed by SOAR questions) This job requires a lot of standing. Can you do that?