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  • 101-250 employees
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VasoHealthcare is a sales representative of GE healthcare for healthcare diagnostic imaging products.

Account Manager, Mid-Market

US, Virginia Beach

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  • Pros

    Great product line with GE, most of the leadership team has been internally promoted so they understand the business. Comp plan is catered towards taking care of high performers and the ceiling is high.

  • Cons

    GE is not a customer-centric organization and you will be fighting internally for much of your time. Vaso is a very flat organization: the only upward mobility is to move into a Region Manager position, of which there are less than 10 total. Base pay is probably the lowest you'll find in this industry based on job responsibilities. It takes way, way too long to get paid since you have to wait for GE to pay Vaso before you get your comp.

  • About the culture

    Vaso is a pure sales organization with very little internal politics which is nice. Depending on your manager they typically will offer a lot of freedom in terms of vacation and schedule. However, GE is not and that is where you'll spend 90% of your working time, so you need to be prepared for all of the politics and be willing to put your own head on the line to get what you need for your customers.

  • Advice for New Reps

    If you prospect consistently and have a healthy funnel, you'll hit your number every year. Diagnostic Imaging does not have a lot of players so you're usually guaranteed to win 30-40% of your deals on average. Bring the opportunity to the table and work with your product specialists and managers to develop the strategy and close.