12 Tools to help you outsmart the matrix (Part 1)

Hi Savages - here you can find useful tools that will make your process even stronger.

  1. Adapt. One of my favorite email hunters. I've had good results with this when Snov.io and Hunter failed to find an email I'm looking for.
  2. Calendly. Send your prospects your up-to-date availability so they can instantly select a time with you. A good alternative to MixMax.
  3. Crunchbase. Use this to find companies that have recently raised money
  4. Gong. Automatically record your video calls and emails with prospects, so you don't need to take notes. Great if you struggle to take good notes, or if you want to have team members share calls with one another for training/quality control purposes.
  5. Hunt. Use this to find anyone's email. combine this with LinkedIn Helper to generate large lists of prospects for cold emailing.
  6. Ironclad. A digital contracting platform that takes the pain out of preparing new sales contracts, and automates negotiations & internal approvals from Legal, etc... Includes e-signature & storage for executed contracts. Loved by sales and legal teams alike. A no-brainer if you're in a Series B+ company.

Do you have some others in mind?

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