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120 cold calls a day, is this the norm?

I recently just joined my first 'SaaS' working for a company that helps the hospitality industry. To put it quite frankly we are a rewards system for restaurants. After doing some research in the SaaS industry I think my company is pretty lackluster when it comes to equipping their sales rep with the tools they need to succeed.

First off our KPIs are quite redundant. 120 cold calls a day, 3 bookings a day and 2 closes a week. For our CRM platform we use Zendesk (Is that even considered a real CRM?). What really baffles me is our leads are pretty much recycled. If someone doesn't close the lead it gets passed off to the next person pretty much after 2 weeks.

Now our product is pretty simple to understand so our sales cycle can range from the same day close to up to 2 weeks. But the process of going through 120 calls just to get 3 bookings and then going through an hour long demo on the hopes that it will close.... is this what sales is? When i first started i had that newbie energy but getting over 100 no's everyday is very moral crushing

In terms of leadership for our company the culture is actually pretty nice and everyone here is friendly. The only thing is when I managed to meet with the CEO he was a nice guy and all but he even told me his not much of a 'salesperson'. Pretty sure our higher ups dont put much budget into their sales side.

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