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1st day at new company - We LITTTTT

Ok, so 1st day at my new gig was today and honestly.... I'm gonna enjoy this year ALOT!

Everyone is near my age or very easy to get to know if we aren't close in age. TONS of overlap between old position and new position so I'm coming out swinging - arranged a partnership meeting today with a massive company target that Im not sure anyone would have gone after - I happen to know their director of strategic partnerships 😏

The comp is great, benefits package showed up today and I am pleased, plus we have both a gym right behind our building (membership included) as well as a putting green (YES PLEASE).

Things I've learned from past positions that I will be taking into this new role/company.

  • Work hard, but not always in front of others.

I have found its best if you work hard in silence and produce results that make others think you are superhuman, even though you spent time and energy it should be away from others so that your work and results look effortless.

  • Easy one but, allow others to feel as if they are building you and adding to your value (even if, and almost ESPECIALLY if, you already know what they are teaching) no one likes a KnowItAll.

This one is hard for new people, they want to showcase all their talents and abilities as if displaying their entire resume. You were hired for a reason, you don't need to prove why to everyone everyday. And often enough, you will create more tension within the people you need to be on your side. BE COACHABLE.

  • Last but not least, under NO circumstances will I make a joke or make fun of the boss at his/her expense in front of others.

As a natural Shit-talker I do this with friends and have done this in the past with superiors thinking that it will build rapport. However, over the long term it does not serve that purpose, it creates a wedge between you and those that control your future. It's ok to play "the Game" every now and then and once you master the game, you generate power.

Just a few takeaways, I will keep you all updated as things shift. But for now, WE LITTT

Bateman, Out.

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