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2021 Sales Tools - Tricks, Secrets, and Content to help your process (Episode 2)

Greetings and Salutations,

First off - Thank you for your contributions to Episode 1. These posts aren't intended to be a step-by-step guide on the "how-to's" of sales tools. Instead, I'm trying to give you true-to-life examples and access to the processes that have enabled a minimum of 20% territory growth, year over year.

Truthfully, most of us adopt the KISS method, and I'm no different. I don't need something else taking up my time. I need MORE time. Good news - The tools mentioned are specifically chosen for simple functionality requiring a minimum effort that doesn't require more than 5-10 minutes a day. Oh - and obviously, they have to be effective.

Today's topic is Dux-Soup. Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn Automation tool set up to work behind the scenes connecting you to the employees with specified job titles within your accounts. Why is this important? Great question (he says to himself out loud). Over the last 2-business weeks, I have connected with 758 contacts within my account list that have been designated decision-makers on LinkedIn. Not bad, eh?

Dux-Soup is a monthly subscription - I believe it is 9.99 a month, but in one afternoon - this bot proved its weight in gold by bringing me a 20k opportunity. This does work with both LinkedIn and Linkedin Navigator. I use navigator, which again, I will preach the importance of having LinkedIn Navigator. DO IT!

This is not a complicated process - Dux-Soup pretty much does the work for you. You can set it only to scan profiles and archive them to see if they are the right contact - OR - you can set up your account list in LinkedIn, create an advanced search (MAKE THIS AS SPECIFIC as possible), and create an opening introduction that offers value to your prospect. (work with your marketing team with this).

This is mine:

Hey _FN_,

I stopped by your profile and saw you're role on the technology team at _CN_. I'm your account manager at __________ and wanted to see our webinar about ___________ would be of value.

I'll get this for you at no cost.Β Interested?

The Honey Badger

With other neat little behind-the-scenes tools, there are multiple ways to utilize automation within LinkedIn. Connecting on LinkedIn gives me more of an opportunity to be a part of their life. I can see their content, find out what's important to them, but most importantly, SHARE their content. How well does it feel when someone else shares your posts? It's euphoric to us, so it's just the same with our prospects.

Establishing rapport is a priority in any sale. Use tools that are constantly helping you grow your contact list. If done right, you'll never have to make a cold call again.

Honeybadger - OUT Dux-Soup LinkedIn Automation LinkedIn Automation that really works! Automate your LinkedIn outreach, connection and engagement strategy so that you focus only on the prospects that want to buy. Saves you time, money and helps you win business faster!
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I was wondering what the hell this was the other day. Thank you!Β 

Does this send emails to contacts automatically or can you proof the content before you send?
Notorious Answer
Account Executive
This is primarily for LinkedIn messages.Β  I set a standard greeting, but for those that have inMails, you're able to set a template that you can update upon request.Β Β 
Notorious Answer
Account Executive
I wanted to float this back to the top.Β  I've now connected with over 500 Decision-Makers in the C-Suite and reached out to 4216 people in a month through automation.Β Β 

Be like Fresh Prince and jump on it.
2021 Sales Tools - Tricks, Secrets, and Content to help your process
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