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3 Reasons why I did not accept my Last Job Offer (35% Hike)

  • Round 1: The 1st interviewer couldn’t believe I’d once quit my job work to work with an NGO full-time. I was grilled for 30 mins straight - being investigated on the “why” behind it. My reasoning around learning, not earning in the beginning of my career was not bought. Nonetheless, I still got through the round.

  • Round 2: The 2nd interviewer almost scolded me for 15 mins in a 30 min interview. Reason - I’d asked for a 35% hike on my current CTC. She/he said and I quote “that’s unfair since you just got a hike in your last company, & it’s not even been 3 months since you joined a new company.” I respectfully mentioned that has nothing to do with my salary expectations.

  • Round 3: The 3rd interviewer did not seem comfortable with me asking them questions about company culture and job role expectations. She/he almost got offended when I asked - “how many times does an average employee smile in a day in your company”. She/he thought I was being sarcastic.

It was extremely surprising to know I’d cleared all 3 rounds. When I mentioned to the recruiter I won’t be joining though, I was called for another round with the 1st interviewer again.

This time around, the tone of the hiring manager had changed completely. She/he answered every single question of mine very patiently, though some white lies were easily catchable (a simple tally from Glassdoor reviews).

I ended up not accepting the offer.

Should I have taken the offer instead?
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