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5 Simple Steps on how to get your manager to stop Micro-Managing you

Tackle them head on...

Most managers are ex-sales people and love to keep relevant or 'hip' as mine says by sticking their nose in your sales cycle.

1 - Gain their trust, show them you can run your own deals. Be a bad ass and put some numbers on the board!

2 - Don't dismiss their advice....nod your head, say things like 'yeah, thats a good one' and then just completely disregard what they said (unless its

3 - Bring things to them before they come to you looking for it - If they need to repeatedly ask you for information, they will feel the need to ride you. Get ahead of the game and serve it on a plate, you may even get to skip the dreaded forecast call.....

4 - Executive manager loves anything more than dusting off their best sweater vest to be introduced as your executive sponsor. Use this to your advantage.

Sometimes you've developed such a good relationship with your customer that you don't want to ask the 'tough' questions. Use your manager as your bad cop...keep your customer on board and get yourself some delish commish..

5 - Give them some credit in your 'call outs'. We're only here for the money anyway, let them get that shiny apple from their VP....keeps them on side and most importantly, off your back.

Easy as!! Happy Closing,


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