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A trait I have noticed in happy and high performing salespeople.

There are a lot of miserable people working in sales and all too often, you hear of people who wish that they could leave sales and go to an alternative career. So obviously, the number one ask would be that you are genuinely happy working in sales because it comes naturally to you or because it has some meaning in your life.

Yet, one trait I have seen in most happy and high performing salespeople that I have had the chance to know over the years is how they live a life outside of work that is true to themselves, their passions, and their values; even if the company they are working for may think a different way. Whatever is happening outside of work, it carries over on to work.

One sales guy I was friends with does MMA, goes out on weekends to party, and writes part-time for some big city lifestyle blog. For a while, he worked at a company full of older guys that played golf and drank beer on weekends. As different as he was, they loved him for being genuine. Not only was he a top performer at work, he constantly had friends he met outside of work trying to recruit him to come to their company. The vibe he gave off put others at ease, he wasn't chasing clout, it came naturally to him.

A year later, he almost doubles his base at a new job he got through a friend. He is doing well at his job but almost makes close to 1k a month in passive income based off of his writing hobby and online business (he just started a year ago).

What I see is how unattached to the outcome he is because he feels like even if he got fired, he will find a better opportunity that is true to him and be alright in the long run.

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