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Absolutely love this read: "How the best salespeople use subtle storytelling to their advantage."

Sahil Mansuri
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The best salespeople use subtle storytelling to their advantage.

Subtle? Here's how it works:

Let's imagine you're at a restaurant with an indecisive friend. They have a bunch of options on the menu and your friend is liable to take forever to choose.

You don't want to rush your friend or have them feel forced. But you don't want to spend 15 minutes staring at the menu and waste time.

The average person would say something like: "Dude, just get the cheeseburger. It's delicious."

A better salesperson might inquire: "Are you feeling like eating something light or a heavier meal?" Then direct the person to the Caesar or the Cheeseburger, depending on answer.

But the best salespeople I know use subtle storytelling to great effect. They would galaxy brain the following: "Last time I was here, my friend got the cheeseburger and could not stop raving about it. They grind their own chuck here, and the aioli recipe is a house secret."

The social proof of your last friend loving the cheeseburger, along with the "secret" aioli, makes it nearly impossible for your friend to do anything but order the burger.

This is how great SP turn prospects into customers with subtle storytelling. Like with Vegemite, a little goes a long way.

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