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Provide Advice plz: Moving from sales rep to sales manager

Next week I'll be moving from a sales rep to a sales manager-team of 8 reps. Please provide any and all advice for the transition, management techniques, etc!

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Have the conversation early with your team regarding your role, their expectations of you, and how you can help them succeed.ย 

If they were once colleagues and now reporting to you, there may be a little awkwardness, accept it and have the conversation early. Know as a manager, you will not able to do the same things with your buddies when you were an IC.ย 

Don't take on too much at once. Find a few key projects you think could make a great impact fo the team, socialize, get their feedback, and then execute.ย 

Never stop learning. Now that you're a manager, people will look to you for advice, feedback, help on deals. If they feel like they can do this better than you, you will lose respect fo the team. Challenge yourself to keep growing as a salesrep.ย 

Lastly, have fun. Leadership is a lot of fun from coaching, strategic thinking, and building. Be proud of your accomplishments thus far, then go close some more business.ย 
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Above all else do not lie or make shit up. Use what you've learned as a rep and strive to collaborate with your reps on their coaching, what they need and how they want to communicate.ย 
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Have a structure and dont try to take on too much at once. Something I see often is the Rep transitioning, will try to take all the feedback/changes from their reps and get extremely overwhelmed over time.ย 

Set clear goals/benchmarks. Get structured, organized and then start taking on the bullshit
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Decide on your direction and goals as a leader before you get started. This will help you communicate a clear process.

Communication. Have more than the one on one. This is key.

Get to know your individual team members and find a way to bring everyone together as a cohesive unit.
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Research all you can about being personable and a strategic thinker.ย 

iโ€™m naturally personable, but the strategic thinking part in the beginning was definitely a learning curve for me.ย 

LinkedIn learning has a fantastic course called โ€œstrategic thinkingโ€. Fantastic place to start.
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