Advice on Closing a Big Deal?

on my team and to the Market type I sell to my average deal size is between 2-3K Euro (Got to love converting from USD/CAD to Euro) 

But currently I have one potential deal that is currently sitting between 40-42K and we have been going back and forth about 5 months now as he is "still waiting on approvals" so he can move forward. 

Any advice that would be helpful to get this to cross the line would be greatly appreciated! 
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1) Who ultimately pulls the trigger (who will sign the check)? If you have not talked to that person yet, you should. If your champion does not have the power to get things done, you need stronger alignment.

2) What happens if they do nothing? You will want to have a strong reason for "why now".
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Thanks! From our conversations it is currently sitting in the hands of the finance department on whether he is allowed to go ahead and spend the money.
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Based on your above comment it sounds like a combination of: A) the contact you’re working with isn’t the EB (since he is waiting on budget approval) B) they aren’t a strong enough champion to sell internally on why they need to buy now. Especially for larger deals, you often need multiple champions at different levels of the org doing the internal selling on your behalf when you’re not in the room. You need to test them early and often. Ask yourself why would they buy, why they would buy from you RIGHT NOW as opposed to 6 months from now, and why your solution over the competition. I would go back to your main point of contact and - if you haven’t discovered this already - find out what the true impact of not having your solution in place is. Is there a $ amount per day lost? Does his boss yell at him every time X thing happens every week? Finding a compelling event to purchase is key.
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I agree with this. I would add, once you have discovered the problem you are solving for your champion(s) and the decision maker, formulate your business case around these items. After presenting your solution, ask them flat out “At this point, is there anything that would prevent you from moving forward with (my solution) today?” 
At this point you will start to draw out more objections that you will be able to overcome to get closer to the close. 

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