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Am I about to be screwed?

I work for a ~250 SaaS company. we recently launched a new discount approval process which heavily limits reps autonomy to work a deal (especially when you're already 20-33% more expensive than your top 2 competitors).ย 

additionally they announced they will be making comp changes, though nothing formal is set in stone. From a market perspective, I'm making about 10k under in OTE for my geographic location and (based on some conversations I've had with remote companies) 25-40k for a remote job.ย 

I do enjoy my company but it seems like we are about to get the golden screw with a company that already has a employee churn issue.ย 

Any savages been in a similar situation? and or, should I start taking these recruiters a bit more seriously?ย 
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I don't think it'll hurt to start talking to recruiters, but you really won't know anything until your company tells you. The market is hot right now so I'd start to see what you can get
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I agree. Your situation doesn't sound amazing so what's the harm in entertaining some recruiters and putting your feelers out for new opportunities?
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Iโ€™ve seen this happen with a few buddies. Never hurts to start looking! Last thing you want is to be stuck and unhappy. Maybe make sure your LinkedIn profile is open to recruiters as well.
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ABL=Always be looking. Have a sense of places you'd like to work if things fall apart. That can happen pretty fast.

My guess in your situation is 1) discounting is happening "too much" and somebody wants to clamp down on it to raise average contract value and 2) Your commission is about to get fucked with
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Yeah my manager has openly told me that there is a high likelihood out comp structure is about to get drug through the ringer. Though love the ABL alongside ABC.
Talking to recruiters is always a good idea tbh
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Those that sell the premium offerings usually make the premium commissions.ย  If that is not the case, time to look elsewhere.
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It never hurts to talk with recruiters.ย  If anything, you can use their offer as leverage for your current role and know your worth.
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