Am I overreacting / is this ridiculous?

I've been instructed by my superiors (C-Suite) to start having my reps share the company mission and value statement on calls. Specifically, a deck that provides details on why our company exists, why we created the product, etc. 

While I understand the importance of the mission and value statements to the business, this takes away from quality time spent on discovery. I've voiced my opinion to them, and they tell me to have reps book 45 min or 1 hour calls. from an outbound perspective, this is really dumb (in my opinion, also very hard to get someone to agree to 45 min cold outbound meeting) 

I've tried everything I can think of to push back on this, though they still want me to redesign the discovery call talk track to include this. 

I'm worried that by implementing their request, prospects will become disengaged and bored on calls, making them uninterested in our products. Which will lead to lower win rates and probably a lower ACV.

Any creative ideas to get around this? Or should I just let it fly and let the data talk? 
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Have fought this before and you probably wont win. Instead, try to make mission statement into an elevator pitch. Show the slide hit the main talking points and move on.
Prospects don't care about you or your company or mission statement.  They only care about what you can do for them.  Why would someone hop on a call to hear about you modestly brag about the company, you are right it is ridiculous. 
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Nobody wants to sit through that type of presentation.  You’ll lose your customer/prospect during it.  They just want to hear what your differentiator is, what does your product/service do for their business and what’s it going to cost.  I think during these discussions you can absolutely slide in value props and the back story when appropriate.  A short intro would be OK, but not a presentation deck filled of that.  Doing a presentation like that also screams “me me me” when you’re really there to learn about their business and how you can help them.
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We do this in my company as well. It feels a bit cheezy but i try to bring it back to how it relates to the prospect. During pre-call research I try to find what their companies values and mission statement is and see how it aligns with ours. I also only spend about 30 seconds on this slide unless i notice it means something to them persoanlly.
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It sounds like cheese sales bullshit honestly. If I ever heard a mission statement I’d hang up. Implement the request and when results nosedive c-suite will see the fuck up. 
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Unfortunately for OP, his quota will suffer in the meantime. Are C-Suites going to be on your discos? Are discos recorded?

I had some AEs who had a "official" slide deck they showed managers. And then a different one when they actually ran calls.
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I have to turn in the updated discovery talk track for the C Suite to approve, and one of them has access to gong. I know he listens to calls randomly because he will bring up calls every so often, so its not like we can get away with not doing it.
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If they are dead set on this, I would coach the team a new elevator pitch for your company and weave in the why you exist (vision statement). If they want it on a slide, put it on a slide, but have the reps finesse it in. I see their point, the whole "people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it", and it makes sense. Just needs to be delivered in a way that, to other's points, respects the prospect's time. 
Respect your prospects time. Share value but please do not share all the fluff
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This is a complete waste of time, but the C-suite is hard to move off of positions (as you probably already know). Instead of getting them to drop it, a better tactic may be to change the delivery entirely. Make it something that furthers the relationship rather than bores them to death.
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We have the usual corporate BS on our slide decks as well - I usually delete it. I hit the key talking points they want us to say but I don't really go into depth because they should know - our prospects couldn't give a shit that we're C company and that they're with A company because ABC all do the same crap. What matters to them most is the solution and how it alleviates a problem in their organization.
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This is dumb. Have your reps keep those slides hidden in case an exec ever joins their calls (that way the rep can quickly pull up the slides) but otherwise don't bother.
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Our company wants us to do the same thing, to appease both sides, have a slide that goes into company mission and values, say you find this valuable to affirm who you guys are and then you never have to worry about it again literally you can spend 15 seconds on it and its no biggie and management is happy.
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Tell them to read "New Sales Simplified" by Mike Weinberg... or quote from it... also let them know no one cares about their building either!!!

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I'd dig into this more with your C-Suite. They are asking for this because of some reason and there's a chance that what they want can actually be accomplished without running through a company pitch in a 45 minute disco call. 

Ask your C-Suite what they find most valuable when they do disco calls with vendors? What are the key things they are looking for or listening for? If they legitimately say we love seeing other companies values and mission statements then dig into that. Why? There has to be something deeper and another way to solve for their ask without making a prospect sit on a call for 45 aren't trying to recruit them to work at your company...
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I 100% agree with you. I am not a fan of slide decks and in the world we live in today, people are already fatigued from zoom calls. That time should be spent listening to their needs and having a true conversation - not going over slides and your company's mission statement. they only care about how your team is going to help them out - not something every other potential client is going to see 
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I hate when people do this. no one cares about the mission or value statement. they care about themselves and what your company can do to make their lives easier. 
Business Development Manager
Gong has some data about the ratio between talking and listening for top sales performers that can help:

I suggest sharing their graphs with your leadership; if that doesn't work, let the data talk. This is not a hill worth dying on. You are undoubtedly right, but 9 out of 10 times bosses just need to be proven wrong with time.
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Every prospects dream is to get on a discovery call and not talk about things that matter to them!

Ask them to share the worst sales emails they get and for examples of good sales decks/presentations they've been given. 

It's good to have that, but too much and it'll start to look more like the former than the latter.
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I hate fluff, it's a waste of the prospect's time.  I'd push back, an hour is pretty long for a 1st time outbound call...
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I never do this on my initial Discovery Call. However, I do have slides that take a quick 2 minutes to talk about our company story and why we exist, but it's always in relation to the prospect's pain, need, challenges. 

I've asked many prospects after the presentation if that part specifically was beneficial and 9/10 times they say it was worth mentioning (I was pretty blown away by it).

I know it doesn't move the needle a lot, but people like to hear where you came from. Our founder story is also pretty FIRE in relation to our industry and our ICP. 

Check out these sources to help lighten the blow: 

Account Executive, Expansion
That's a shame to here. One of the biggest things I've learned in my sales career is NO ONE GIVES A FLYING FUCK about your company/mission/products/services/etc. - they care about the results you can give them and the problems you can solve for them. Period. 

This seems like it'd be a waste of air on a call - and could possibly have your prospects lose interest. 

One route is do what they say (to prove them wrong) - but this will only be at the detriment to you, your team, and the company overall.

If there's absolutely no way around this, I'd try to come up with ways your reps can naturally slip aspects of your mission statement into their value statements that aren't corny. And as the 45-60 min calls - I'd just say that the prospects can't commit to that much time (and a short meeting is way better than no meeting). 

Hope this helps.
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Omg i hated when my company tried to do this. I felt so bad bc i know the team spent so much time on it, but the reality is, no body likes talk tracks. It takes away from your personality!
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Sounds fine for a demo, weird for a disco call.
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So we do something like this frequently but our delivery/goal is to tell them a story of who we are/how the product came about to provide value to the customer on how it will be effective for them and build trust. 1 hour meetings. Its tricky but effective when done correctly!
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C-Suites really need to learn that prospects don't give an ounce of shit as they do about their company, with or without feel-good explanations. 
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Yep, it is as stupid an idea as they come, I would say if you can rewrite the mission to align a core pain/value you deliver, much more likely to succeed- might also the C-suite feel listened to. No one, gives a shit about the mission, vision, the only thing that matters is how you either make them or save them $$$. 


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