any advice on sales task?

Hey guys,

Context: I'm applying for a lead position, and I received a task. It looks kind of straightforward, but I know there are some suspenseful places in the task. I know that AI cracks these tasks with ease, but at the same time, I know all my competition is using it, too. That is why I am working on my own solution based on my experience with little help from AI.

If any of you would be interested in sharing insights about the task, what I should not miss, and the do's and don'ts, your time is highly appreciated.

A B2B SaaS company has hired you to build a new sales department. The previous

sales team has been let go, and you are in a position to build everything from scratch.

-Your monthly approved budget by the board is 10,000 EUR per month.

-The company has around 5000 contacts in its CRM.

-Companies of any size can purchase the product from any industry. However, the

bigger the buyer, the bigger the revenue.

- The average sales cycle for closing a deal is one month.

-In this simulation, let’s say that the HR department has many people “on the bench”, so

you can hire any level resource from day 1.

You are expected to present a plan for the next six months. Please cover the following


1. Please describe a high-level plan in milestones for how you would build the sales operation. Explain the team structure you would create. Justify it. The

budget should be used for team members’ salaries, sales-related systems, travel,

conferences, etc.

2. What weekly/monthly KPIs would you set to ensure performance?

3. What results could you provide after six months? Explain the conversion rates.

4. What are the typical problems in sales teams from your experience? How would you

ensure to avoid them in your team?

5. How would you structure your standard working week? Explain the structure of your

calendar (team meetings, 1on1 catch-ups, quality assurance, etc. ).

If you are missing any necessary information, please make an assumption and build on it.

🧢 Sales Management
🥇 Teamwork
WR Lieutenant
Sounds like they are using you for free sales strategy. Especially with a $10k budget. That’s not enough to pay a team. So they’re asking what you’d do to set it up you self with a few outsourced resources.
senior business development
That is what I an thinking, for 10k a month it should be a one man show, with outsourced resources like a few sdrs
WR Lieutenant
You could really blow their minds by saying the budget is too low. THIS is what I’d build and THIS is what it would cost.
Director, Revenue Enablement
Totally agree. The $10k is BS and is probably meant to throw you off course. If that really is the budget that means you have to be the lead of an army of 1 and that money wouldn’t even cover your own salary.

So instead assume you can do a little of everything. Break down your spend by % of budget.

If they say the budget is really $10k then call them out and walk away.
WR Officer
Don't work for free.

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