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Any AEs / Sales Folks who have worked with HR heads as Personas?

What would be the 3 tips you would give to an AE/Sales person who got to sell AI Based solutions to CHRO/HR heads/VPs of HR?

Fingers crossed to get advice from AEs/Sales folks who have nailed this arena

Please let me know!

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I sell to more HR Ops personas but in some orgs, CHRO/HR Heads/HRIS leaders are prime for me.Β 

I asked this same question to my internal HR leader and it really came down to a few things:Β 
- HR leaders (like everyone else) don't have time. If you can be concise and tie it into what they care about (faster recruitment, quicker ramp up, saving $$) you're golden.
- From a recruitment standpoint, HR leaders show their cards far more than other BU's. I.e. career pages, company hiring goals, etc.Β 
- This is more anecdotal, but I've found that HR leaders are more willing to give you a second to pitch on a cold call. As long as you sound friendly, come from a 'trusted advisor' standpoint, and don't oversell, they'll give you a few mins.Β 

Worth noting, I'm not going to sit here and act like this is the end all be all, so curious what others have to say/if they have any revisions on the above
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Thanks for the input - will noteπŸ™Œ
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What problem does it fix? Time? Touch?Β 

Focus on their needs...Β 

HR Executives tend to see benefits in Time/Touch from my experience. They aren't accounting, don't care (as much) about the money.Β 
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That's cool. Thanks for the info
Would they be keen to discuss upon AI driven solutions that improve efficiency, query resolution and infact better time manage while delivering comfort and timely solutions to employee queries? Say something like auto update on tax queries etc
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From my experience, anything that will get employees to stop asking them questions about hr related topics is a god send.Β  How can we take that off their hands so they have one less thing to worry about.Β  And eliminating administrative burden.Β 
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Perfect that's what is needed. Agree
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