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Any savages use Whoop for their fitness/sleep tracking?

Thinking about getting one. Want to know if anyone recommends it, and how their experience has been.

For what it's worth, I want to ditch my apple watch as I'm always checking/getting notifications, want to "unplug" a bit if possible.

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I have one and really like it. Been using it for over a year now. The sleep tracking is great and I find it fascinating to understand resting heart rate and heart rate variability. It’s really good for tracking cardio and high heart rate activities (runs, cycling, boxing, HIIT workouts). I do a lot of just lifting where my heart rate doesn’t get as high so the Strain score can be a little misleading. But for aerobic / high cardio activities it’s really solid. Integrated well with Strava too. Overall, I’m a fan. Would be happy to refer you.
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Good to hear - I do a combo of cardio/lifting as well. Have heard from others that the sleep tracking and seeing the results after a big night out have helped them curb their drinking habits a bit. Appreciate the referral but I've got one!Β 

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My girlfriend has one an is in love with her Whoop, uses it every night for sleep and to track workouts.Β 
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I had one for about 18 months and I really liked it. It gives great insight on sleep tracking as well as when you should amp up your workouts or dial them back.Β 

The reason I don't have it anymore is I felt it lost its value for me. I had learned a lot from it and didn't need it telling me how I recovered or how I slept everyday. Based on what I learned from it I am able to determine how I feel and how hard I should push on any given day. Also no watch face was pretty annoying after a while.Β 
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I have it and use it religiously. It's especially fun when I'm coaching a game to see how elevated I am. Hit some record numbers for sure.
Do not know it. seems like a good product
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Never heard of it but you've piqued my interest!
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