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Anyone else in an upsell role here that I can get advice from?

First month in the role, I blew past both my ramp target and full target, but I can tell the past few days I've become a bit more CS based and not selling based. How do you actively attack each account for an upsell while still providing support within their current products?

I noticed I went into it more inquisitive, wanting to go over current products vs. giving suggestions to enhance what they have while combining that with growing their spend with us as is. I know it's something that will happen regardless, but what tips do you upsell savages have that keep you on track?

I know I need to not be afraid to recommend high and stick to my guns, and I can see areas to focus on, but always willing to hear from those successful in similar roles so I can glean some nuggets of knowledge.

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So in my role, I have established clients that I need to extract more $ from. Usually getting them to use more services etc.Β 

You've made a decent job on the foundation, now you need to work on finding the holes. Go take a look at your first deal, what would you do to improve it? Then start the cycle. Where is the need, what problem do you solve, how fast can you solve it...
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I think, and it's happened to me before, that initially in this role I went in with no fear because I had no real reason to not be fearless. And as I understood the role and expectations more, I can get to a point where I'm working harder to be perfect(closing, high close ratio, etc.) rather than continuing to push what I know will work vs. settling just to get the yes.

Working hard to actively remind myself that growing spend is always the answer(loosely ofc) and there's always a need to target.

I appreciate your input, definitely someone I value it from @SADNES5Β !
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I am also in a upsell role. Key is to maintain relationships so when you find a pain that perfectly fits your upsell you strike. :)
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